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Roasted Tomato and Garlic Pizza Sauce

Originally posted on The Farm on the Hill:
Buongiorno a tutti!  I studied Italian in college for one semester because I LOVE Audrey Hepburn and after seeing Roman Holiday, I decided that I MUST visit Italy at some point in my life.  But I think we all wish we were Italians at some point in our lives, don’t we?  I mean, the country is beautiful (at least what I’ve seen in film and pictures), they drink wine daily and eat pasta and stay thin!  Maybe if I was Italian I would know the secret.   Even though I made this recipe up myself after searching Pinterest for something without finding exactly what I wanted, I’d like to believe that an Italian grandmother would be proud.  Tomato season here on The Farm is winding down, but I think you should still have time to get some fresh tomatoes to make and can this deliziosa salsa (delicious sauce). Cut the tops off of the tomatoes and then slice them in half. Cut the end off of the whole garlic…