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Lake Distrct, Part I: Arts & Crafts

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The Lake District is the place where many (non-British) forest girls’ dreams were born–exploring the land of Beatrix Potter and Wordsworth felt like returning to a childhood home that I’d never visited before. I imagined all the romanticized visions of idyllic woods-and-country life from children’s stories playing out before me as we drove by the lakes and trees and mountains and stone cottages… The first stop, though, was a place entirely unlike a simple “cottage”: Blackwell, a great Arts & Crafts manor decorated in the most beautiful Art Nouveau-esque style. Every grand, sweeping room included tiny windowside reading nooks, tucked-away places for contemplation and creation. (So who wants to contribute to the “let me live in an Arts & Crafts house in the Lake District” fund? I promise it will be a good investment [for me, at least]!) Everything from the wall friezes to the books on display reflected the same core design values of simplicity, beauty, and a connection to nature. Works for me! Speaking of connections to nature, each room…

What’s In My Mailbox? | Things Dangerous To Come To

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To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life. – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Every week, I send and receive letters that travel to places I’ve never been–and they end up in the hands of people I’ve never met. If you’re feeling trapped and sad in your comparatively dull little world, there’s nothing I’d suggest more than finding a pen pal or two. While I remained physically in Massachusetts this week, a beautiful trio of letters sent me on a hand-written journey to Italy, Spain, and Ireland. That’ll have to do until the day that I can randomly jet off to Greenland like Ben Stiller! Though I dearly love all of my American pen pals, I do get a secret, extra thrill every time I get a letter from abroad: as international mail means international postage! I’m pretty familiar with every USPS offering by this point, so foreign postmarks are a delight.…


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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going? Valentine’s day is right behind the corner, so today I’d like to share with you some DIY valentine’s day cards. They are super easy and inexpensive to make but I also think they are very cute. One thing I’ve to say is that Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love whether is to your love, friends or family. I enjoy Valentine’s day the same the years when I have a couple as the years when I’m single. I hate to read that some people get a bit sad because they don’t have a couple, it’s a day to celebrate love in all it’s ways. So you can give this cards to a friend or a family member and I’m sure they’ll appreciate it a lot and you’ll make their day better. So with no further do let’s get into the DIY. For the first card all you will need is a white cardboard, a needle and some red thread.…

not another box of chocolates

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I think we all hate those mushy-gushy-corny-worny-heap-o-cheap Valentine’s gifts you’d imagine have been sitting in a Walgreens warehouse since they weren’t sold last February. Instead of giving in to a made up holiday and buying some piece of junk that’ll just get thrown out in a few months, I like to get creative and find another way to tell my loved ones that they rock. See what I mean? If you’re diggin’ it, take a closer look and click below. It’s time to get personal and give personal, whether your person is into Emily Dickinson, a sneakerhead, nature lover, or a Where The Wild Things Are fan. ?

Through the Neon Rainbow

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You guys remember my wall hanging for giants? Well I made a mini one. Like it? It would love to hang in your home. Grab it for yourself here, my friends. I’ll even include a little surprise for ya if you message me and say you saw it here first.

What’s In My Mailbox? | Washi’s Delivery Service

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Happy Friday, friends! It’s been a very international week in my mailbox–pen pal letters from the UK, Germany, Australia, and Spain have all completed their journey to cold Massachusetts over the past few days. A certain Miyazakian stationery item pictured above inspired this post’s title, but there are many other treasures to be found in this mail haul, too: gorgeous gemstone stamps, summer memories, Van Gogh, book pages… I am completely in love with this Studio Ghibli washi tape featured on a letter from England–probably the most amazing stationery creation ever designed! It’s hard to tell which one I love more: how can you choose between Jiji and a witchy postmark or colorful, flower-power totoros? (Extra points for including the mid-sized teal totoro, my personal favorite of the clan.) My last post showcased all of the many books I’ve been devouring recently–and this letter from Germany coincidentally reflects my love of reading! I adore the veritable library of tape, and the book pages used to decorate the envelope. The inside…

Outgoing Mail: Patterns, Please!

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Considering it’s only January 19, I’d say that I’m doing relatively well with accomplishing my minor goals for 2016. In the past few weeks, I’ve nearly doubled my daily reading time, spiced up my typical routine with biweekly zumba classes, and made a few valiant efforts to meet or spend time with fellow humans in the area. (I’m still working on hanging out with fellow extraterrestrials, of course, but that may take a while. Unless they come to Earth solely to catch the X-Files reboot next week.) Unsurprisingly, I have also managed to maintain my letter-writing productivity, and am slowly getting around to answering all of my wonderful holiday mail. With so many letters to answer and so much winter dreariness to combat, I’m enjoying the opportunity to cut loose and go wild with colorful patterns, papers, and tape! These hand-decorated envelopes all ended up in last week’s outgoing mail pile–and are ideally now on their way to Ireland, North Carolina, and Canada, respectively. True to form, I continue to aggressively deny the existence of winter,…

GUM Shop: New Additions

After opening, revamping, and reopening the shop I am happy to say we are back in business! Last week a few items were posted. So far we’ve only added fun plant pots…                 and pastel chalk jars! Check out the shop today around 4:00p for more items. We’re adding dyed jars and more! All items can be customized. If you have any questions feel free to email us at G.U.M Team