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5 Ways To Shock a Man 😈😇😈😇

Originally posted on Weird and Wonderful:
Hello, I am weird and wonderful. I think I know 5 ways to shock a guy, without: leaving your razor or hair on the side of the bath; leaving your washed knickers on a wash line in the bathroom; visiting his place for a while – taking him back home finding mouldy cups because you were out with him. These are good shocks! By the way – one of my closest friends have had the mouldy cup moment from spending too much time with her boyfriend. 1. Being too independent Let’s face it! If you can change a light bulb yourself… men feel you don’t need them. If you can put a shelf up by yourself, then you definitely as a woman do not feel you need a man. Change it, become the damsel in distress for a second and work as a team on things. Make a man feel wanted. 2. When women behave in a cat like manner towards one another It shocks them! This could be…