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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

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Image designed by Creator & Curator via “Five more minutes, I promise… Zzz…” That’s what we always tell ourselves when our alarm rings at 9:00am in the morning, regardless of the day. That’s what we always say to the person who has been tasked to wake us up in the morning. And then you find yourself waking up at noon. OH NO! Half the day has gone! And I only have [insert hours] of time left before the black tie event tonight, and I need to do [insert chores]… Sounds familiar? Everyone is guilty of this, as do I. You slog all week, clocking in productive hours, preparing hunch-backed tasks for your boss, powering through presentations for clients, and brainstorming with your colleagues. Some of us work long hours. By the time we get home, it is too late to do anything else. All you have time for is a quick shower, an even quicker meal and then it’s off to bed for the next day’s work.…

I. Am. A. Runner.

HilaryStyle Earlier this month I completed my 500th class at the studio where I workout! I’m pretty proud of myself! Here’s the thing, 5 years ago, this month, when I started working out, I wasn’t really sure how long it would last. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t sure I would make it a week. However, I had recently returned from a trip to New Orleans, and from the way my jeans were feeling, I might have eaten one too many beignets. Rather than complain about it, I was taking action! I would be a runner. I borrowed an old pair of Nikes, buckled Elliot into his buggy and away we went! Okay, It Wasn’t Quite That Easy… Not really grasping what it meant to “go for a run,” I threw on some old sweats, an oversized t-shirt and those borrowed Nikes and headed to the park… 3 MILES from our house!… View original post 568 more words

Common Misconceptions When it Comes To Fat Loss

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Hi everyone! I wanted to address some misconceptions I hear often about fat loss. First, muscle is NOT built from fat.  Your body does NOT turn fat into muscle.  I hear this all the time– (Woman looking at her belly) “I really need to go do crunches because I want to have abs like you..” NO! You can honestly do crunches until your blue in the face, are you building muscle? Yes! BUT that muscle is still going to be buried under the adipose tissue.  In order to burn adipose tissue, or better known as the dreaded F-word, FAT, you must be in a caloric deficit! In order to do so, you must be stern with a diet and, usually, incorporate cardio into your routine.   the title to this Pin was “8 moves to lean, toned arms. im definitly trying these tomorrow need to loose the flab” It makes me giggle when I am on Pinterest and a pin (like the one shown) shows a before…

Drink Away That Extra Tummy Fat And Fight Illness

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Today, I had a question from one of my readers and I would like to respond to that question in today’s post without placing their name out there.  I understand how embarrassing some medical conditions can be and if you want your name linked somewhere in this post, simply let me know in the comments below.  Otherwise, I’m simply going to address the question and I hope this is of some service to you. The question is this(paraphrased, of course): “I have a heart problem, epilepsy, and diabetes insipidus(water diabetes).  How do I live with these conditions while reducing my tummy?” First off! I am assuming you mean you want to get a flat stomach or be somewhat close to having abs?  If not having abs?  This means we have to have a low body fat %.  The body fat percentage must be around 12-14% for a female to have that flat stomach look you are going for; for a male, that would be around 10%.  For the general…


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Class: Throwback Studio: Throwback Fitness Location: 303 5th Ave, Rm 207, New York, NY 10016 Workout Category: strength training, circuit training, rowing What ClassPass Says: “Class includes rowing instruction, warm-up and 2 workouts – phys ed and recess. The phys ed workout consists of individual or partner rowing sprints and bodyweight circuits. The recess portion is a team workout that will channel your youth with feelings of playground fun or dorm room parties…” My Instructor: Ryan Wilke Class Number: 91 Throwback Fitness is all about bringing the fun back into your workouts. And, gotta say, I sure had some. For our warm-up, Ryan had us play a little game. Focused on 90s rock music, he would start to play a snippet of a song that would either feature a band from Seattle or Los Angeles. Our job was to choose which city we thought the band stemmed from – if we thought Seattle, we did jumping jacks and if we thought Los Angeles we did squats. For those that…

No Secret! – My Tips to Weight-Loss

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So over the months I have had a few many messages sent to me asking me what my secret was. I always get overly excited when someone asks me honestly. As self involving as it seems it does always just make me feel wonderful when I feel like other people think I am doing a good job at something or are motivated or inspired by it, and then to get asked advice about it just puts the icing on the cake! Then I sit down to answer, and I got nothing. The thing is that I don’t have any one tip that I can say is the reason for my success, other then perseverance I suppose. You see once I try to condense all the things that I assume are the ones that worked I find I am writing a novel of sorts. The truth is that I have taken bits and pieces of things from all over the place and mixed and match. I couldn’t say that it was one…

Reverse Dieting

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Here is an unfamiliar topic– reverse dieting. What is that?! Reverse dieting is pretty well known with physique competitors.  It is what I am currently doing now that my show has past.  Everyone knows that one goes on a “diet” in order to lose body fat/weight, but what about when you have successfully lost the weight you wanted?  There is a point where you need to understand that enough is enough–one cannot diet forever.  It is fatiguing mentally and physically.  But what comes after the diet?  A rebound back to old ways? Gaining back every ounce you had lost over the past few months?  This doesn’t have to be the case. Once you are at that realistic goal weight you can then reverse diet to a higher calorie “diet” to maintain this weight or a weight close to it.  The goal is to increase your calories SLOWLY so your body doesn’t go into shock and gain the weight you worked so hard to get off right back–basically…