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Oscars 2016, Movie Review: When Marnie Was There

Originally posted on Ice the Burn:
Studio Ghibli. Enough said. While I want to focus this review mostly on the film, it’s difficult to do so without also addressing Studio Ghibli, one of the greatest animation studios, and its current hiatus situation when it comes to the film’s impact and importance of being nominated at the Academy Awards. In any case, I’ll start with the review first. And to point out: I watched this movie in Japanese with English subtitles. I don’t know how voters watched this film when voting for it to be nominated (and voting for the winning film), but I’m sure the difference in voice acting and adaptation of lines and interpretation will certainly have some impact on the experience. It’s a little strange to tackle this film when seeing only one version – especially the Japanese version, but I’m going for it anyway. Check it out: Anna Sasaki, a tomboyish preteen, lives with foster parents in Sapporo, Japan. She is distant from them mostly, and after having an asthma attack at…

It’s the Future! – Wednesday 21st October, 2015.

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The movie was better than what we have now, to be honest.  No flying cars yet. Today is the day that Marty went to the future, here in Australia.

‘Big Hero 6’ series to Share Similar Plotline as ‘Captain America’ Series? Warning: Spoilers!

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If you haven’t heard already, there are plans to make a sequel to the comic-inspired animated film Big Hero 6, currently known as Big Hero 7 (naturally the number should increase with every sequel to come just like Ocean’s Eleven). Additionally, there’s been rumors about Tadashi being ALIVE! Yeah, Tadashi, the older brother of Hiro, the perfect role model and creator of Baymax, who supposedly died in a fire during a technology convention in the first film. Not only is he alive, but he’s rumored to be the VILLAIN of the next film, becoming the character Sunfire (who supposedly is an X-Men cross-over?!?). And of course other rumors are spreading, leading to other rumors based on rumors. But the point of this post is this: it sounds very similar to the Captain America films, and as someone who hasn’t been invested in the comics I am only capable of breaking down plot points and noting that somewhere in Marvel Studios and the Comic universe is one of potentially several…

I am an Anime Anarchist

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No, it does not mean I’m a guy who uses anime to push a particular brand of politics/philosophy. By this, I’m simply a guy who sticks to what he likes and people who want to be mean to me about it can just eat their hats. Sure, that’s closer to a hedonist than what your average philosopher would call an anarchist. But apparently, it’s anarchy enough when you don’t care about the sacred rules held by so-called standard bearers of otaku taste. Besides, I don’t simply just hold to what I like. I tend to go out of my way to set the snobby hipsters straight. Sure, there might be some things that are just crass. But if all you do is take every opportunity to whine about this or that anime being so bad, so stupid, or so mainstream, I really have just one thing to say: Feel free to jump off. Sometimes when there’s talk of anime in my FB circle, I feel like I’m the only…