Month: June 2016

Fairytale Lands of Snowdonia

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For my boyfriend’s birthday I bought us both train tickets to Snowdonia to camp for 3 nights. After the lessons learnt in our failed wild camping experience in Northumberland, we booked a spot in a campsite in the centre of the National Park, close to Mount Snowdon. We left our homes in Leeds bright and early for our 6:30am train on the 6th June ready for a day full of travelling to our campsite and with backpacks fit to burst full of camping gear, clothes and food. Despite only going for 3 nights we knew that on our low budget, we’d have to try and feed ourselves the duration of the trip and packed tins of chickpeas, couscous and beans, making the bags super heavy. Two trains got us to Llandudno Junction where having a 45 minute stopover we initially planned to take a look at Conwy Castle. However, after some speculation we decided it was worth the risk missing our connecting train so stayed on the platform for some lumpy…

Five Months of Being a Librarian

Originally posted on Am I Thirty Yet:
Yesterday I celebrated my graduation. I technically graduated way back in December of 2015, which feels like ages ago, but the ceremony was yesterday. Since I skipped my graduation for my Bachelor’s, I decided to attend this one. It was mostly a bunch of nonsense. People are still spewing those same you-can-do-it speeches that we all know are bullshit. But I am still glad that I went. It was nice to see all my old classmates and to celebrate one last time one of the best decisions I ever made. It took me awhile to decide to go back to school. I wasn’t anywhere close to paying off my student loans and the thought of adding on even more debt, made me want to puke. But I knew I wasn’t happy with my current job and needed a change. Books and libraries always fascinated me. Somehow I just knew it was a career I would love. So after doing some research, I took the plunge and went back to…

Cottony Clouds Over my Paradisaical Workplace

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While out on my morning walk/jog, I chanced on this view and couldn’t help but marvel at the cloud-filled sky. Usually, our skies are just shades of blue with a scattering of cottony clouds here and there. Here’s a zoomed-in shot. I actually had to wade into the waters to take the above, but I had no regrets.  The scenery looked so pretty!  I even stopped my morning routine and just lounged around while enjoying the serene views. This one’s taken on the roadway fronting Galapagos Beach.  The clouds here weren’t so defined, but I loved how the palm trees reflected on the still lagoon waters. On my way back to my room, my view of a cloud-filled sky was just as pronounced from the back lobby. Photos taken at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, which by the way is now my favorite mobile camera because it takes photos in wider angles than my iPhone 6.

Does Living with the Olds = The Death of Romantic Relations?

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By now, we have come to terms with the fact that the old-school Alpha male is no more and that the dating world is full of mummy’s boys. Look, it’s one thing for a man to have a healthy relationship with his mother but how about when he is still living under mummy’s roof at in his 30s? The sad truth is it’s not just the guys. These days a growing number of people (us chicks included) in their late 20s/30s/40s/50s that still live with the Olds. In today’s post I’d like to establish the impact of this trend of living in close quarters with Mummy and Daddy has on our romantic development (or lack thereof). Let’s start by drawing on some real life inspiration. Recently I went on a date with someone who forewarned me that the night could not go on beyond 8pm as he had to be home for dinner because Mummy was preparing his favourite! (How sweet – NOT!) Naturally, I only went along with the date…

LUSH Haul.

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If you were watching my Snapchat (driftinglexi) earlier this afternoon you will have seen that I took a trip to LUSH after work and picked up a load of products. This is definitely the most I have personally bought in one shopping trip to LUSH, but it is by no means that large compared to other LUSH hauls I have seen. First off I will say that there won’t be many photos of the actually products within the packaging in this post. I like to keep my bath bombs and bubble bars in their bags until I get around to using them as it just keeps them together and protected, plus I like them having the labels on them, despite the fact that I do know what they all are, haha. Secondly, all of these products are new to me. There isn’t a single product in this haul that I have used before, therefore making it even more exciting. While there will not be loads of images in this post, if you add me on Snapchat…

Is it Too Late Now to Say Sorry (I’m Not Sorry)?

The thing about El Taco Veloz, one of the most kickass taco places in Denver and probably the world, is, they have a not so kickass restroom setup. It’s not as bad as the one in my favorite Starbucks around the corner from my apartment. The one that has the automatic light that seems to always turn off right in the middle of doing your thing. Or automatic flusher that has a mind of its own. Or the automatic sink that makes you perform a song and dance number in order for it to work. (Note to all establishments: automatic is not always the best way. Just Saying.) El Taco Veloz only has one toilet for both men and women, which is kind of a major drawback. And apparently, a very unreliable lock.