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Why Sanders Won’t Save Us

Originally posted on subversiveopinions:
Democratic-nominee hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders has sparked an almost intensely impressive response from Left-leaning individuals and organizations in the last few months. His casual use of the word ‘socialism,’ presented not only as a positive term but as a self-description, has won the hearts and minds of many of the Left who had become enraged by the disappointing presidency of Barack Obama. Sanders touches on many of the issues consuming the American political discourse taking arguably centrist positions on areas of modern life in the United States other politicians purposefully ignore: income inequality (Sanders speaks in the language of the 99% vs the 1%), police brutality (Sanders openly supports expansive police reforms), and gender equality (Sanders supports abortion right, closing the pay gap, and gay and trans rights). The most impressive part of Sanders’ campaign, however, is his ability to take on (if only in the most minor ways) the ‘billionaire class’ and run on almost entirely small donations. However, no matter how exciting it may be to hear these positions…