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Running in Wroclaw

travelux Running in Wroclaw was quite enjoyable – if you leave out my problems with the GPS. Even though it was a short run anyway, I was surprised to only find one kilometer mapped after my run. Yet, this is not too much of a problem as I was running in a large park anyway. Due to that, it doesn’t really matter whether you exactly follow my route as you’ll enjoy the run anyway! Check out more about Wroclaw on our city page! Wroclaw’s Southern Park (Park Południowy) is 25 hectare wide and one of the largest parks in the city. Distance: 5 KilometersJogged alititude: 25 MetersCalories burned: 250-350Month: MayWeather: Sunny As we stayed at Platinum Palace Wroclaw, it was obvious that I’ll go running in the Southern Park which looked quite good at first sight. Besides my problems with the GPS, the run was a real pleasure. Map of my… View original post 398 more words