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Evan Spiegel & Bobby Murphy | Snapchat Co-founders

Originally named “Picaboo,” Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy founded Snapchat 2011. At that time Facebook was launching Poke, a “lookalike product.” Zuckerberg met with Spiegel and Murphy to inform them of the app that was days away from launching. They accepted the challenge and prevailed with Snapchat.

Travel Realistically In Your 20’s

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
I honestly can’t stand all of the articles I read that are like “You’re in your 20’s! Quit your job and open up an ice cream shack in the Bahamas!” or “Don’t worry about getting a job – backpack through Europe and find yourself!” Come on, I live with my parents and barely saved any money in college. I need a job and can’t just up and go anywhere without money therefore I need that job. Also, I really like where I live – why do I need to go live somewhere completely foreign to me just because I’m in my 20’s? Most of the things I read are so unrealistic. They make me feel bad because I’m not a free spirit obsessed with wanderlust. But there are some realistic things you can do and should do in your 20’s and travel is one of them! Just not to that extreme. You’re working your first real job and living at home. You’re saving more money than you’ve ever saved and…

Leaving Goggles

I’m leaving my job. That’s right folks; after over a year and a half of working full time in my kooky little call center, I am leaving to travel and follow my dreams of being paid to write. It’s exciting, it’s terrifying and there is a very real chance I will end up extremely poor and never be able to move out of my parents flat. It’s even more of a daunting prospect because this is the only thing I have done since graduating. I literally left university on the last day of June two years ago and started working here on the first day of July. I didn’t take a break or a summer off, this is literally all I know of the adult world. I always planned to leave; in fact I had no idea I would be here this long. The plan was to save enough money to go traveling before settling down into ‘adult’ life. Initially I naively thought that would take about six months. I kept postponing leaving partly because I didn’t have enough money to …

Thirty Things I Learned in My Twenties

Originally posted on Am I Thirty Yet:
So it’s February. This is my birthday month! The big 3-0 is exactly 16 days away (not that I’m counting or anything). I am not as stressed out as I thought I’d be. I do get a little twitch every time I realize that I’ll no longer be in my twenties but overall I think I’m handling it pretty well. I’ve even decided to actually celebrate my birthday which I don’t always like doing. I’ll be doing a dinner with a bunch of my friends. Being almost thirty has mostly made me feel very reflective, which I guess is natural. The next series of posts will probably be a lot of me reminiscing and thinking about things that have occurred in my twenties. Today I want to talk about all the things I’ve learned in my twenties. Sure I’m not done and there are some things I’ll probably never learn. (Like folding a fitted sheet. Does anyone actually know how to do this?!?) But there are a lot of…

My Early Quarter Life Crisis

How old do you have to be to have a quarter life crisis? Is it possible to have a quarter life crisis when you’re not even in the quarter of you life? What can you do to make sure that when you are ready to move onto the next stage of your life you won’t regret not doing more?

On Turning 25

Originally posted on Blu Chicken Ninja So I turned 25 this month which is kind of terrifying. Because I have to admit that I’m a proper adult now, I’m not just some teenager pretending to be a grown-up. But the problem is that even though I am technically considered a “responsible adult”, I don’t feel like one. I’ve always thought of adults as people with responsibilities like jobs and houses and cars. And I don’t have any of those things. I mean I could try and use the CFS as an excuse. But I’ve only had that for just under 2 years. I’ve spent most of my 20s… Read more…

The Perks of Having Two or More Jobs

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
“Everyone in this city works two jobs.” she says with a laugh that’s neither forced nor amused.  Just because it’s Sunday, doesn’t mean we stop. Sadly, this is statement doesn’t illicit shock anymore. It seems nowadays, everyone has something other than their main job going on the side. You could call it a gig, a passion, or a side project – doesn’t matter what. But at the end of Sunday, I find myself getting up, readying to go – yes, a gig, a side project, something to do that you’re also compensated for. Sounds grand yes? Yes. There are perks of having something to do daily – a daily reminder that one must maximize efficiency – but often than not, the downside is more pronounced than the upside. Working two or more jobs is exhausting. Not just physically, but also mentally. There’s ample preparation to be done beforehand, such as talking to your employers (if you’re employed by others) about your schedule and making sure…