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Adopting a Minimalist Lifestyle.

Originally posted on SHEU QUEN | THE RACONTEUR:
Minimalist living. Credits: Yoga Journal. Let me ask you a question: Would you be able to live in a home like the one above? No, really. Would you? Or will you think that your home is so threadbare that you need to fill it up with all the knick knacks that your family and friends have bought for you over the years? Or perhaps the oriental ornamental figurines that your grandmother bought for you during her recent trip around Southeast Asia? Or the lacy table runners that your mother-in-law has been knitting for you and might disown you if you didn’t put them up? I’ve been doing a lot of research recently, and writing a lot of articles on minimalism. These works were mostly for home and interior design, specifically as a type of home interior design style. But I have often wondered though, is it possible to achieve a minimalist zen lifestyle? Apparently, it is a growing trend now for people to have the least amount of…

The Jewelry Box

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
What costs less than $5, looks cool for a season, and falls apart when you think you need it most? Trendy jewelry. I’ve always liked the idea of accessorizing to really make an outfit pop, but I haven’t acted on that inclination in years. In high school, I had a dozen sweaters I circulated through and each sweater had a corresponding pair of earrings. And there were sequins – on both the sweaters and the earrings. Looking back, I’m slightly mortified. I mean, we’re talking seventeen-year-old Emily. Seventeen and sequins everywhere. I know some like their accessories, so in line with what I’ve said about trends, keep it if you love it and if it adds value. But I challenge you to go to your jewelry box right now and see if there are pieces that you just have “in case.” My guess is that there are some. Earrings are my bling of choice, but even then I only have one or two pairs that I wear on a regular basis. These are my treasured…