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Official Sherlock Special Trailer!

Originally posted on Fandom Addict:
Hi everyone, I know I’ve posted a lot about this, but it’s just too exciting to ignore! We finally have a real trailer for the Sherlock special! As I’ve said in my many previous posts, the new Sherlock one-off episode will be set in Victorian times, in the original Sherlock Holmes time period. The episode is set to air Christmas 2015. This trailer gives us a glimpse of just how exciting it will be! The twitter link to the tweet containing the trailer from the official Sherlock page is below: A couple important corollaries from the trailer to the series and books that I noticed: First, Sherlock and John call each other Holmes and Watson, different from the series but in line with the original canon. Second, there were a few lines that were also said in the series (“The curtain rises…” was also said in “The Great Game”). Until next time! Have any updates or corollaries that I didn’t mention? Comment below!