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Originally posted on The Renegade Press:
“A true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.” -Elizabeth Gilbert I used to believe that I was a man who had been blessed with the gift of intellect. I spent years convinced that I was the smartest person in any room; often closing myself off from the opinions of others. I would gnash my teeth at the slightest hint of conflict, and reveled in my ability to push my own agendas onto others, whilst belittling theirs. Yet while I thought that I was a magnificent mind perpetually on the cusp of achieving great things, the truth is that I was a bit of a dick. I bruised egos, hurt feelings, and let down the people closest to me. During these volatile years, I was tolerable at best, and a horribly bitter person at my worst. I convinced myself that I was the most important individual in…

I Did Him Wrong. 

Originally posted on lilrant:
I once had the good fortune of dating a guy who was working on a start up for quite a while. Good guy. Great sense of humor, great grammar, great personality. I didn’t understand him, I didn’t.? Not that I didn’t try.? I didn’t know what you’re supposed to say to someone with passion that Michelangelo would have been jealous of. This person would work hours into the night, creating a logo. He didn’t have a functional company, but at least he had the idea, all he wanted to do was start a business, and be his own boss. He had too many ideas I didn’t understand.? We couldn’t have been more different.? He was passionate, and me, lacklustre. Where he was driven and had his own ideas, I was okay with being told what to do. We were chalk and cheese. He wasn’t actively making money, and when he said he was working, I secretly felt weird because he didn’t have an “actual job” or even office space! I was…

Accepting the Love You Think You Deserve

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Once upon a time I got dumped and just did not know how to deal. I felt like I had failed the relationship, my boyfriend, myself. I thought I didn’t really deserve to fall in love again – like I had missed my chance. And time and time again I was thrown into dating scenarios where everything I thought after that break up was confirmed. I was treated poorly. I treated people poorly. I had no sense of “I deserve better than this” or “I can be better.” I didn’t think those things, I accepted the insults and the cheating and the lies. I reciprocated them happily. I accepted the horrible treatment because I felt like a horrible person. Even when I came around to realizing that I’m not a horrible person, the dating scenarios never changed. I became happier and better only to still not have the wholesome relationship that I had been missing ever since the initial break up. But just because people treat you poorly, it doesn’t mean you…

An Ode to Orgasms

Originally posted on The Lonely Tribalist:
O thou ravishing convulsions, Who lie dormant in the day,  And dream of freedom, honeyed revulsions, Yearning for your next lay. O thou bringer of joy and destroyer of woe,  It doth not matter how it occur; You care not if with friend or foe, If it’s sweet and intimate or merely a blur. The quivering. The quaking. The shivering. The shaking. Oh what’s that? Let you free? And you’ll promise me another three… Orgasms are awesome. Here’s some fun reading material on the big O: 10 Reasons You Should Have More Orgasms | Women’s Health What Happens When You Have an Orgasm? These 8 Awesome Health Benefits That Beat Going to the Gym Tonight | Bustle Here’s Why You Can’t Orgasm, According to Science | IFLScience The Female Orgasm Explained by Guys | Buzzfeed A-Z Challenge: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [Header image source: Pixabay]

My Crush Is Taken

Originally posted on Brooke Brunson:
Have you ever liked someone and found out that they already have a boyfriend or girlfriend.?  Your dream guy or girl is right there in front of your face, but unfortunately they are already taken. Like most or some of us can relate to, this is basically the story of our life. Coming from someone that has been in the same situation more then once, I can definitely say that it is not a great feeling.  Especially when you know that you’re the perfect person for your crush, but yet they don’t see it.  Though as much as you may like or even love this person, you may have to come to the harsh reality that it’s time to move on.  For most people, moving on is harder said then done especially if you are friends with this person. The thing about being friends with a crush is that you have to ask yourself “What is your true motive”?.  Do you genuinely want to stay or be friends with this person?. Or is it only a…

Travel Fail: My Honeymoon Hooker in Oz

Originally posted on CARLVERSUSLIFE.COM:
Sydney proved an amazing starting point for our 2015 honeymoon adventure (after a 4 day stop over in Dubai, of course). We were on the other side of the world and loving life. Four days in and we had ticked all the tourist boxes; beaches, Blue Mountains, kangaroos, koalas, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, boat trips and of course, Sydney Opera House (see Travel Fail: Sydney Opera House – whoops! Yep, we kinda make a habit of this kinda thing over here). We were Sydney-satisfied and hungry to see more of Australia. It was our last night and we had decided to stay in, pack our bags, order a takeaway and sort ourselves out a hooker for the night. Hold on. Wait. What? Let’s backtrack… We were off to Cairns early the next morning and decided to spend the evening in our hotel room. Time was ticking away and it was fast approaching 10pm before we realised we hadn’t had a bite to eat all evening. We decided to hit up TripAdvisor…

The Groans of a Pregnant Working Mum

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
As I was working on the research of my article “Working and Pregnant at the Same Time”, I interviewed a number of pregnant working women all over the world. I found out that my first article did not bring out their workplace groans as I would love to do hence this article is a representation of their voices. Enjoy! “My boss is extremely supportive and in fact, she and I got pregnant at the same time! But when she cut short her maternity leave to come back to work, she had expressed explicitly that she hoped that I do the same. I didn’t but I felt so guilty when I went back to work.” Alice, 28, Fashion Buyer “I had the most evil boss ever. He made sure I do overtime even he knows I am in my third trimester and I am due in a month. He made me feel guilty for being pregnant. Fortunately for me, when I came back from my maternity leave, he was transferred to another…

The Struggles Of Being Over-Eager

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
The trouble with people who are over-eager is that we are often over-everything. We are over-thinkers, we are over-dramatic, we over-romanticize, we are overwhelmed. So getting too excited about things just comes with the territory. Because one small possibility opens up so many doors for us. We non stop think about how this could work out in the future or how it could go wrong. The thoughts basically consume us. Over-eagerness in relationships is especially troublesome. In general, I think a lot of people are eager to fall in love. But while those people?are very understanding to why things don’t work out or are calm, cool, and collected on dates – we are freaking out. And it’s not because we fell head over heels in love on the first date – but because we can see all the possibilities. Because we are constantly thinking about the future and, when we meet someone, how they can become part of our future. So we get a little over-eager. We want to send…

How to Deal with Money Personality Differences in Relationships

We are all created differently. Our differences is what helps us grow, change and adapt. By learning from each other, we not only see the importance of relationships, but appreciate others strengths as they help us in building our weaknesses. Your strength may be someone else’s weaknesses and many times we tend to be attracted to people that complement our strengths and weaknesses. Money is no different. Generally speaking, we can categorize people into groups: saver and spender. I hate grouping people, or making generalizations, but in some circumstances like these, it will have to do. Of course not all spenders are bad with managing their money and saving, and not all savers are hoarders of cash and hate to spend. With that being said, I will generalize and conclude that in my household, I am the saver in the relationship and Mr. MMC is the spender. This has its benefits and drawbacks of course. As I learn each day to let go of some coin from time to time (…okay I am not that…