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16 Places to Visit in 2016

Originally posted on The Wanderlust Times:
Struggling to decide where to go next or where to pop on your never ending bucket list? Then here are some places that deserve some attention this year. 2016 is set to be a big year for many countries across the globe with world events such as the Olympic Games, new and exciting infrastructure being built and special anniversaries to be celebrated. Here, I’ve listed the ‘go-to’ places for the coming year and why this year will be a special time to visit them. Havana, Cuba Source Traveling to Cuba – especially to the capital of Havana – is like stepping back in time. Old architecture, antique looking shops, colourful homes and classic cars from the 50’s make this city rare and unique. Thanks to the tumultuous relationship between Cuba and the USA, Cuba has yet to be introduced to much Americanisation, keeping its unique culture very much alive. Since the countries have since restored ties in 2015 that is likely to change, so get there quick while it’s still stuck in a time warp.…

Crazy Cat Girl in Portland: Waterfalls and Chinese Garden

Originally Posted on Crazy Cat Girl In addition to focusing on food carts and a cat café, I decided to spend my time in Portland and Oregon exploring scenic attractions. Starting 20 or so miles east of Portland, you can find the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, spanning 80 miles and containing 90 major waterfalls. The first stop: Vista House at Crown Point. Vista House was built in 1917 and is open daily, providing information and a place for visitors to stop and rest along the Columbia River Highway. From here, you can catch some great views of the Columbia River before heading further. I picked up a few souvenirs and some iced tea and then headed down the road in my silver rental hatchback to the first waterfall along the way – Latourell Falls. I followed the short uphill path to the lower falls but you can also keep hiking farther up. Read more…

Colatris App

Many professionals are constantly starting and attempting to expand their businesses into larger markets. There is a very big barrier that can prevent this. No, not just money. Language. The ability to translate the marketing for your product can make or break your ability to expand. Enter Colatris. This app was designed by founders Josh Deffibaugh, Albert Eloyan, and A.J. Cihla. On the product website Colatris is described as: A fully automated, in-context translation solution for software. The tool enables global market reach while saving you hours every month. The app is still growing, but it comes highly recommended. Find out more about the app on their website. Like our blog? Check us out on Etsy, Facebook, Tumblr, or Pinterest!