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Funny Conversations: Sharing Food

L and M are sitting at a restaurant table. There is only one piece of bread left. L – You want a piece of my bread? M – Yeah! (Goes to pick up knife) L – Don’t use a knife! I don’t know if I trust you! Pull. M – (Slightly offended) Fine bruh, but I pull big! They both pull with aggressiveness. G.U.M Team

Funny Conversations: Coming Home When You’re In College

D and M pull up to D’s childhood home, where her (highly religious) mother currently lives. They are in college on fall break.     M parks the car. D – Fuck-shit-damn-bitch. M – (Bursts into laughter) What the hell is wrong with you? D – I gotta get all my swear words out before I see my mom. Feel free to share your funny conversations or home visit experiences during college below or at! G.U.M. Team

Stolen: Funny Conversation on FB

A friend of mine posted this as their fb status and I had to share it with the world.  These are two people I was friends with in college. Let’s call them R and T. Two fellow millennials. T: R. We need to talk. R: Uh oh. What happened? T: *Deep sigh* I just broke a mirror. R: T. Did you pray about it? T: I’m praying now! Pray with me! R: I’ve broken many mirrors and I’m still thriving. T: You’re so right. *Sings* When Jesus sayyyy yes, nobody can say no! Ok. That’s all I wanted. Pizza, Netflix, and Happiness. Mei.