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“The Revenant” Film Review: Can Everyone Stop Being Mean To Poor Leonardo DiCaprio Now, Please?

Originally posted on TheCollective:
“The Revenant” is one of the most viscerally beautiful movies I have ever seen. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu and cinematographer Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki made the fascinating decision to use natural light almost exclusively throughout the entire film, and it pays off magnificently. The winter light feels almost lazy as it bends around frosty trees and bounces off the snow-covered ground. At times there is barely enough light to truly see what’s happening on the screen, which only serves to heighten the film’s often tense atmosphere. This film is truly a feast for the eyes. The acting in this film is absolutely top-notch. It’s easy to see why Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for an Oscar for this role. He actually has a surprisingly small amount of dialogue, and half of that is in a foreign language. Most of Leo’s work is physical, and it’s demanding and brutal. Yet audiences connect with and sympathize for his character because his pain and anguish, his drive and determination come through so clearly. That’s not an easy…

Pop Culture Blind Spot: Crossroads

Originally posted on Cookies + Sangria:
Okay, you know those movies and shows that everyone has seen, and when it comes up in conversation you just sort of nod and hope nobody asks you anything? I have a lot of those. The entire Godfather series, for example. I know. Anyway, we’re both out to tackle our pop culture blind spots and find out if the phenomenon we’ve missed out on are really all they’re cracked up to be. Our first installment is a cinematic masterpiece that is the zenith of my generation’s teen entertainment. It stars Britney Spears and was written by a young Shonda Rhimes. And I’m pretty sure I’ve told like 5 people that I’ve seen it when it came up in conversation. That was a lie. Ladies and gentlemen, Crossroads. ? 0:00 Not only have I refrained from seeing this movie since it came out in 2002, I have also been pushing it down our post queue for, like, two months. So I think a lot of our Pop Culture Blind Spots are…