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the buddha bowl || 5 steps to creating a quick, well-rounded vegan dish.

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i have learned a couple things since becoming vegan. here is what i know to be true: you can not survive without a high speed blender / food processor. seriously, i use it for EVERYTHING you can pretty much get rid of every plate you own, (yes, dramatic, I don’t advise it) but i do feel like everything is in a bowl. or a mason jar if you are anything like me. there is the smoothie bowl. salad bowl. rice and bean bowl….. you will buy bananas in bulk. you will become obsessed with all varieties of seeds. sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, chia. seeds seem to sneak their way into everything. whether blended or as a garnish – these little guys are always welcome in a plant based kitchen. which brings me to the construction of a “buddha” or “glow” bowl. they are flooding pinterest + i love them. colorful + tasty, they combine all the meal essentials you need in one nutritious, filling bowl of flavorful goodness. let…

DIY pencil cup holder (collab blog post )

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Hello readers, welcome to my first collab blog post on DIY  pencil holder. i am doing my collab with paleandinterestingblog, check out her blog post on DIY tea candle. So lets get started Equipment . Glue . A book you don’t read anymore or fashion magazines and newspapers.  .Paint (not water colours) .Thread ( any colour) .scissors . Paint brush ( big and small) . A hard plastic cup    . Firstly, you need to get a hard plastic cup . next, you can use newspapers ,fashion magazines and a book you don’t read anymore. . Rip the paper your going to use in strips or in any shapes and stick it outside of your plastic cup. . Continue to rip and stick the paper on the plastic cup until your done sticking the paper on the cup . . Make sure you over lap the paper to make a little collage. It should look like this .After, get a string or thread and measure the size what ever you want. .Next, make…