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I Don’t Know What’s So Special About Emma – 31st August & 1st September 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Monday 31stI went to town today with Emma. At the bus stop here, Emma was telling me that Freddie turned up at her house this morning and the truth came out about him and Martha. He did do it with her. He said that they were just kissing and they fell on the couch. I’m really annoyed about that coz he’d been saying all night about how he wanted to get back with Emma etc. She was also telling me that she and Suzanna rang Charlie Wilson yesterday and he was going on about some girl. Now she’s decided she doesn’t like anyone. I asked her who was a possibility and she said Ferny. Oh great, cheers Emma. She said she doesn’t actually like him now but she might sometime. I’ll have to try and put her off him somehow. We got to town and eventually found Suzanna. We went back to her house and didn’t really do much. We’d been trying to get through to Connor but…

Suzanna the Slapper – 3rd & 4th July 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Friday 3rd We had today off school coz it’s an inset day so Rachael came to my house. We were phoning everyone to try and get them to come down to the village but we decided not to bother in the end coz it wasn’t fair on Emma coz she’d gone shopping. We rang Freddie and had a short conversation with him and we also rang Ralph. I was on for quite a while to him. I apologised again for last night and he said he wanted to ask me something but he wouldn’t tell me over the phone. I told him I still liked him and that I wouldn’t never go out with him. That didn’t seem to help matters and he said he was just getting depressed again. Later on we phoned Graham Baxter. Rach really wanted someone else to do it coz she fancies him and was embarrassed but I wouldn’t. She ended up asking him if he wanted to come to the cinema next…

I might never get married. Who knows?! – 20th April 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Monday 20thP. [Period.] It’s scary how fast time seems to be going at the moment. It hardly seems any time at all since I first started school in Year 7 and now I’m in Year 10 and more than half way through. It seems ages away until my major GCSE exams but everything is going so quickly. Back at school today. Back to normal. Normal shouldn’t be being at school but term time is the way it is more than anything else and it’s the routine I’ve got used to. I’d rather we had more holidays, even with the boring bits. That’s one advantage about school – I never seem to get bored. I mean, I don’t like some of the lessons much but I’m always doing something. Then at lunch and break I can catch up on all the gossip or watch Ralph and co playing sad little ball games on the tennis courts. I suppose if we didn’t have school then I would never have known…

My Experience As A Nail Tech Pt. 2

Originally posted on Polished by Amy:
Hey guys! I had SO much more to tell you guys after my first nail tech experience video that I had to create a part two! In this video, I’m sharing my full experience in nail school, all the details about working on location jobs, and much more. I hope you guys enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂 Thank you all so much for watching! If you have any more questions that I didn’t cover in the video, please leave them in the comments for me. I hope your week is amazing; love and light! 🙂 XX, Amy Email: YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy Instagram: @polishedbyamy ?

I Have a Bad Feeling About This

Originally posted on My 20-Year Diary:
06/10/01: Today we went to the Mall of America. Oh my gosh, it’s so huge! It has five floors and a bunch of rides and stuff. There is basically a whole amusement park called Camp Snoopy that’s inside. And guess what?! You can also get married in the mall! Haha. We ate at a restaurant called the Rainforest Café, which was sooo cool. It was designed as a real rainforest with moving mechanical animals and there were fake storms where everything got dark, there was thunder, and things vibrated. It was awesome. Then I rode on a roller-coaster which was inside, and there was a log ride with a huge drop. That was fun. I bought a football for Jordan and got a lot of new clothes for myself. We went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour, and then walked to a restaurant called Baker’s Square, which is known for their wonderful tasting pies. After dinner, I came back to the hotel and called Jordan.…

I Knew They Were Drunk

Originally posted on My 20-Year Diary:
02/06/01: A lot has been going on in my life lately, but all I can think about is what happened tonight. I’ll tell ya about that, but first, about that Derek person…he never wrote me a note like he said he was going to do. He told my friend that he liked me, but he sure doesn’t act like it! Anyway, I can’t wait around for him to make up his mind about me, so I’m movin’ on! I haven’t seen James since the last time I wrote. I did talk to him online and on the phone a few times, though. He’s cool, even though he’s not what I’m used to. But I do like him, kinda. He thinks we should hook up, but I never get to see him anymore! That’s what I told him, but he said that will all change because he was getting his license back and was going to come over. Well he never came! So forget him too, I guess! Anyway, there…

They Just Had to Be Jerks

Originally posted on My 20-Year Diary:
11/03/00: Tonight Cara and I were going to go to a movie, but the stupid people who work there wouldn’t let us in because it was rated R. Uggghh! I have gotten into every other rated R movie, but they just had to be jerks. We decided to walk down the street to Chuck E. Cheese’s instead. Even though it’s a kid’s place, we went there to play some games and re-live our childhood days. Anyway, I haven’t talked to Sime in over a week, and that is really unusual. I have no clue where he’s been or what he’s doing. I hope he’s okay… 11/11/00: Last night I spent the night at Cara’s house. It was pretty cool. We watched The Exorcist II and it totally sucked! That was the only bad part of the sleepover. Today I was grounded and didn’t get to go out, so I was pissed because both Cara and Samantha invited me to do stuff. Oh well, I guess it’s good to stay…

I Hate Weekends

Originally posted on My 20-Year Diary:
04/01/00: Today is April Fools Day. Right now I am really mad at Cara. I asked her if she wanted to come over, and she said she would ask her mom and then call me back. Of course she never called, so I called her. Her mom answered and said she was gone for the day. Ugh! She always lies to me! I don’t want to take her crap anymore. I know she went to Britney’s house. I HATE Britney sooo much. She is really messed up and has to be with Cara 24/7 or else she’ll die. I hate weekends. 04/02/00: Today I had so much fun! Probably because I actually got out of the house for once. When I woke up, I went straight to the TV and turned it to VH1 on channel 68. It was Behind the Music on the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Even though I have seen it about four times, I watched it again. Then my mom, sister, and I went shopping…