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Apple & Peach Crostata

Life According to Jamie Crostata’s are a dessert that I really enjoy making. If you’ve never heard of a crostata before, it’s essentially an open-faced pie. You can make yours with any kind of filling you want. For the one I’m sharing today I used apples and peaches – perfect for the upcoming summer season and on/off spring days we’re having now. First, peel and cut your fruit. Then, I mix the fruit with brown sugar, flour, sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. The lemon juice is to help the fruit from browning. After giving the filling a good mix,  I brush egg wash onto pie crust dough and then carefully pour/spoon the fruit into the center of my pie crust dough. Next, fold the sides towards the center, slightly overlapping the sections. Brush some egg wash onto the top/sides of the crostata and sprinkle some sugar onto the dough. I also put a few pats… View original post 24 more words

Choccy Cake

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
YUM. Even typing this up now is making my mouth water just thinking about this cake! Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing! Ingredients For the cake 3 Eggs 55g Cocoa powder 115g Self raising flour 170g Caster sugar 170g unsalted butter Icing 300g Icing sugar 90g Milk chocolate 90g Butter Lets Start! Firstly mix the cocoa powder and the sugar together into a bowl and including the butter and mixing this together to form a smooth paste. Then add 1 egg and a third of the flour and mix together. Once this is mixed add another egg and another third and then repeat with the third amount also. You will know this is all mixed together when the cake mix is smooth and leaves a small peak when removing the spoon. Then place half of the mixture into a 20cm cake tin making sure this is greasy to the cake once cooked removes easily. If you have 2 tins you can do both at the same time but I…

Making Scones

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So the latest baking escapade in our house has been scones, I love a good scone they’re the perfect little Sunday treat. They feel indulgent and rich but aren’t too heavy that you have to feel that guilty. These babies are easy and quick to make but when they’re fresh out of the oven with some jam they aways hit the spot. We mixed this recipe up a little bit, I try not to consume much dairy, so instead of buttermilk, we made our own buttermilk from almond milk which was super easy and it cut down the dairy content a lot. These still aren’t vegan as we did use butter, we wanted to make our own vegan butter but we couldn’t get our hands on the ingredients that day. That is something were going to do soon though, and if you wanted to make these vegan you could easily swap out the butter for your own choice of vegan butters. We doubled the recipe as we wanted to share some…

Churro Cupcakes

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Like most people, I am a self-taught baker. I began with baking cupcakes with custom fondant décor and moved up the ladder to doing multi-tiered cakes. It even turned into a small side business with family and friends keeping me busy with orders. Unfortunately, school began taking most of my focus and I had to prioritize. I enjoy finding unique, easy cupcake recipes online and then combining bits, from each, to make one recipe. I love trying new things and doing the most with everything I do. Anyway, enough with the story and let’s fast forward to the present! A few team members, at work, arranged a “Mexican Fiesta” themed potluck for a fellow employee-of-the-month-er. Of course, I put myself down to bring cupcakes! Everyone loves the cupcakes I bring! I dive into Google and Pinterest to find recipes that I would openly accept to make. You know…nothing too hard or time consuming on a work-night. *don’t judge me* I usually stray away from recipes that are from scratch…