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Choccy Cake

Face Camera Action

YUM. Even typing this up now is making my mouth water just thinking about this cake! Chocolate cake with chocolate butter icing!

For the cake
3 Eggs
55g Cocoa powder
115g Self raising flour
170g Caster sugar
170g unsalted butter
300g Icing sugar
90g Milk chocolate
90g Butter

Lets Start! Firstly mix the cocoa powder and the sugar together into a bowl and including the butter and mixing this together to form a smooth paste. Then add 1 egg and a third of the flour and mix together. Once this is mixed add another egg and another third and then repeat with the third amount also. You will know this is all mixed together when the cake mix is smooth and leaves a small peak when removing the spoon.
Then place half of the mixture into a 20cm cake tin making sure this is greasy to the cake…

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