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Outfit of the (Yester)day: Come Monday Night

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My ultimate source of style aesthetic inspiration is the iconically twee 2014 Belle & Sebastian musical movie, God Help the Girl, a film in which Emily Browning and other cute hipster friends dance around Glasgow making music and wearing the best vintage-inspired clothing known to man. Talk about life goals. The mustard tones of this sweater remind me of the music video to the film’s title song, an indie-pop romp that features a lot of footage of gorgeous boater-hat-clad Emily lying in a sepia-toned field on a bright sunny day while singing. That sounds like my happy place in a nutshell. (Given the day of the week, though, this post is named after a slightly different God Help the Girl number.) Until I too can conquer my mental health demons by starting a retro band with Oly Alexander, I’m content to reenact my favorite film with what’s available to me: Peter Pan collars and warm colors galore! This is Modcloth’s Foxtail & Fern dress, the first item of clothing I ever purchased from that fine vintage-inspired,…

Outfit of the (Yester)day: Take Me To Your Airship

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Ever since I started working full-time, I’ve struggled in an endless battle against pencil skirts–I know they’re the go-to choice for business casual, but they’re really not my style (though Peggy Carter is proof enough that they can work for other people!). As a strangely tall individual, however, the standard A-lines and fit-and-flares tend to be ridiculously short on my long legs. The solution? Clearly I needed to think more steampunk.  A stroke of luck while shopping secondhand on Poshmark finally brought me the skirt I’d been waiting for–a massively full skirt with pleats beyond belief and a beautiful color that’s so jewel-toned a dragon might mistake it for an emerald. It’s big, bold, and vaguely looks like it was stolen from an alternate timeline. Yup, that’s the skirt for me! One thing I learned while trying to photograph this skirt is that it really has no desire to lie flat. It wants to be in motion, swishing back and forth as you twirl at a period costume dance party or dash away from…

Adventures in bicycling: Introducing Bee

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The summer after I graduated from college, I bought my first car. I’ve written a handful of posts about him; in August of 2012, when I drove Hazza off the lot, I assumed I would always need a car to commute to work. Last year when I moved to Rhode Island, I realized that if I ever wanted to live in a proper city, having a car wouldn’t be practical at all. It’s expensive, for one, and difficult, for two. It’s hard to find parking that isn’t on the street or outrageously overpriced. Driving in the city is Not Fun. As I mentioned in a recent post, I had a quarter-life crisis in the spring and ended up selling my car, among making other major changes. Once we moved into the city, I started walking to work. It’s not a bad walk: 45 minutes one way, give or take, and a little less than that if I hustle. Since I sold Hazza, though, I’ve repeatedly said that I want…