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The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side!!!

Originally posted on Splash Waves Voyage:
There’s nothing wrong with leaving your problems behind and going on vacation, there’s nothing wrong with moving to another country, but don’t always feel that the grass is greener on the other side based on a visit. Visiting a country is totally different then actually living in a country, and most of the time, people have a 6th sense when it comes to knowing if you are a visitor or not. They see it in your body language, it makes them feel happy that you are amazed to be in a place that they are use to and that they see everyday. They treat you extra special, for the most part, and that experience is embedded into your brain and you think you just have to move to that country not taking into consideration of how you are going to feel when you actually have to make a living over there. Nothing wrong with relocating and experiencing a new life and a feel for new energy, but make sure you…

Japan Expo in Bangkok Thailand

Originally posted on Splash Waves Voyage:
I don’t like to date these posts, but I want to tell you about the Japan Expo in Thailand. This year in 2015, the Expo will be held on August 28th – 30th. I believe they aim for those dates every year because I went to the one last year and I honestly didn’t even know that there was an Expo going on. I have never been to one at that point, and honestly last year I was heading to Central Festival Mall and they were having the Expo outside of the mall and I decided to take a picture and then attend to the festival. Now forgive me for the quality of the picture above, I took that on an iPhone 4s last year, my Canon camera battery died so I decided to take the picture using my phone. The pictures below did not come from me, they are off the Expo website, but it was the same thing I saw.  The Expo is pretty much introducing everything about Japan…