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Graduation Caps On Fleek

Originally posted on Cookies + Sangria:
When we graduated high school 12 years (!!!!) ago, we didn’t have the option – or maybe didn’t even know there was the option – to decorate the tops of our caps. By college, I think the trend was still out there, but people at my school didn’t delve into their arts & crafts side, despite being an arts school. But now that it’s graduation season again, I am constantly seeing more and more elaborately decorated caps that are more exciting than any commencement I’ve ever attended. And of course, there’s a good chunk out there that were inspired by pop culture, so here are some of the best from the Class of 2016 and their graduation caps on fleek*. *I’m too old to be saying that they’re not “on fleek” I take that back. Where is the lie? Queen B for those Queens, B. And of course the wise words of Michael Scott… Some call it the…

Three Books That Say It’s All Downhill After College

Originally posted on couldreads:
Good times were had. A mere six months into my 30s, I find myself already looking back on college with the same abstract nostalgia one might apply to say…fax machines. Like, wasn’t that so neat at the time? How you could totally put a sheet of paper with stuff on it into a machine and then a machine somewhere else would, moments later, spit out an identical sheet of paper with identical stuff on it? That was cool. Good times were had. Documents were faxed. But now is better: We have email now. Cell phones. AirDrop. Dropbox. The cloud. And if all else fails, the NSA. I loved college; I made some of my best friends there. College was the last time one could wear pajama pants in public, or don costumes for spontaneously invented themed drinking nights, or go for second helpings of frozen yogurt at no additional charge. But I also enjoy being an adult, and I know—in whatever corner of my brain isn’t penetrated by models and actresses and the implications of every movie and television…

When you make things up to tell people about what you’re doing with your life and hope they don’t follow up on them later

Originally posted on Lily in Bloom:
Try not having a future and attending a graduation event. Or not having a job when meeting up with your friends for the first time after coming back from school. These are some of the most dignity-challenging moments as a young person, so sometimes you have to make things up. This became a really fun game, because I was most likely meeting people I would never see again and it didn’t matter anyway. I’ve tried out a few and have only been asked about maybe one. 1. Oh, I’m just studying for the (insert graduate school exam here) full-time. This was a fun little answer for when I told everyone that I was preparing for law school. I am in no way studying for the LSAT, despite it being a very possible option a few months ago. Because of the specificity of the LSAT (unlike the GRE), this quickly ended the conversation and I didn’t have to go into further explanation of my immediate future. But I usually added on a…