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Sunday Brunch: Brioche french toast with huckleberry compote and Grand Marnier creme

Originally posted on Munch Hunt:
The Brioche French Toast at Sam’s Chowder House in Palo Alto. By Tarryl Jackson The huckleberry compote and the Grand Marnier creme were what drew me in to the brioche french toast at Sam’s Chowder House. I typically stay away from french toast (having too much egg makes me nauseated), but the Sunday brunch entrée at the Palo Alto restaurant was too tempting to pass up. The Home Fries at Sam’s Chowder House in Palo Alto. Luckily, the egg did not dominate the taste of the french toast, which was thick, pillowy soft on the inside, and nicely toasted on the outside. The compote was sweet with a little tartness, and this berry sauce soaked into the toast, making it that much more moist. The Grand Marnier added a subtle citrusy taste to the light and smooth cream. If you’re a fan of french toast, make sure this entrée is on your list. The Sunday brunch menu at Sam’s Chowder House is not extensive, but there are some intriguing items,…

NYC Spotlight: The Stanton Social

Originally posted on Chey Chey from the Bay:
I absolutely love brunch! Bye breakfast. I’ve decided it’s the most important meal of life. I recently had an epic brunch at what is now my favorite spot, The Stanton Social. It’s the kind of place I imagine the likes of Chuck Bass and Serena Van Der Woodsen would frequent causally. The restaurant itself is gorgeous. I felt cooler just stepping inside because that’s how trendy, yet chill, but definitely unique and swanky in a very New-York-hipster type of way the interior design is. The restaurant is three floors and “features a thirty-foot glowing wine wall displaying over 2,000 bottles of wine in a herringbone patter, fringe-covered walls, fine lizard skin banquettes, leather handrails, and belt strapped pillows, all of which subtly tip their hat to the luxury and glamour found in the textiles and fashions of the 1940’s.” So yeah, it’s real nice in there! The food is absurdly good and shareable, which is amazing. I feel like I ate the whole menu that morning because it was a non-stop parade of delicious…

Eggs-cellent meal at Olivier Bistro

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Brunch is my favorite meal during the weekends. The only downside is a lot of places have long waits. The wait to get a table at Olivier Bistro wasn’t that bad on a Saturday around 11/11:30am. It was after being seated that the wait got almost unbearable, more on that later… The food at Olivier’s was pretty good. I am more of a savory gal when it comes to my entrée and then I like to split something sweet on the side with my friends, usually either pancakes or waffles. We all got some eggs in our dishes. I looove eggs in all forms: scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached, hardboiled, baked, as omelet, quiche, etc. Seriously all forms. When I was younger though, raw egg yolk squicked me out. But now I love popping that yolk and dipping my toast in it. I ordered the Feuillete De Tomate ($14), which was a puff pastry with tomato marmalade, olives, anchovies, and goat cheese topped off with a poached egg. I really…