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We Discovered a Place Called Twatt! – 1st-7th August 1998

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Saturday 1stSpent most of the day travelling then stopped here at the Royal Dunkeld Hotel. There was a Scottie dog here called Fergus at the same time as us. I thought I had a brain tuma [Oh, come on. I was a better speller than that.] coz I’d had a headache all day but Mum and Dad said it was sinusitis coz it was in my nose too. At tea there was this man with really bad B.O. and we had to move coz Abby was nearly sick! BYE! Sunday 2nd I got even more worried about my brain as I had another headache. We stayed overnight ay my cousins’ house in Wick but their family went away so we didn’t see them then. When we got there we realised that the tickets for the ferry to Orkney were gone so Mum had to sort it out. I needed a hug for some reason and started wishing I had a boyfriend. I dunno what brought it on but…

Minimal Millennial | Emily Torres

My name is Emily and I’m determined to live life to the fullest – but without all the stuff. Through paring down my belongings and cutting frivolous shopping, I am making my life more intentional. I started my minimalist journey a few years ago when I realized my possessions were (literally) weighing me down and holding me back from going places I wanted to go. I was born and raised in Indiana, but now I’ve started a new life in Los Angeles with my husband and two rabbits. I love (and write about) simple living, healthy food and spreading joy.

It’s been…. 2 1/2 months?!

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Wow, my last blog post was in August?! That’s actually more recent than I was expecting! I have taken a very long hiatus from fitness, health, and everything else. This year my life has undergone an extreme makeover, with good, bad, ugly, and irony. 10 1/2 months ago in January I never would have imagined my life to take the drastic turn it did. Cliff notes: I am freshly divorced, as of about a month ago. Well, technically all the papers need to be signed and sent off to the judge, but Derek and I filed, you get the idea. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say we were both unhappy and with our lifestyles at the time, the issues we were experiencing would not have received the proper attention they needed. So, we decided to set each other free, focus on ourselves as individuals, and experience new separate lives. Even though I was a train wreck over the entire situation 2 months ago, I can honestly…


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I’m back. Life got in the way. Commuter hell – I’m obsessed with it. We’re all crammed into these little cans and we all hate each other. On Monday morning, around 8am, as the train pulled away from Harringey, I heard a scream. I turned off whatever questionable Britpop album I was listening to (probably Salad) and turned around with morbid curiosity. A fat lady in a polka dot dress – a part-time burlesque dancer, I guess, you know the type – had tripped as she ran onto the train and split a scaling pint of Café Nero Latte over some poor woman in a suit (looked like Asos own brand – ill-fitting and child laboured). Asos sat in her seat crying while Polka Dots mumbled an apology. We all looked on thinking Thank fuck it wasn’t me. On Wednesday, I saw a woman punch a teenage girl in the eye. 8.25am, Palmers Green. ‘You coughed in my ear’ was the meagre excuse the assailant snapped. I noticed she used her…

Physically ‘here’, but mentally ‘elsewhere’

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I could go, or so the argument goes… Logically, I could. All it takes is a few clicks and half a day stuck in a metal tube. Physically, I could. I’ve done it enough of times. Mentally, it’s a different story. I’m not ready (though am I ever ready.) The thing that gets me though is that, I don’t have ‘business’ being there. I don’t have business being there in the middle of November when it’s too late for autumn and too early for the Christmas bustle. November. It could just be the most depressing time of the year…but it doesn’t have to be, I could put it to good use (and not do the journey twice), I could stay put, stay here…stay and just stay. I look at faces on trains – all of them tired, few looking awake. I wonder about what they’re all thinking. My mom calls me and asks me how I am. I say tired, because I am, like another…

Amateur vs. Professional: Is the Only Thing Between Them A Toolbox?

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“It’s always been my dirty little secret that I don’t like finagling Adobe’s software. I figured most people would not be able to see me as a professional if I wouldn’t commit to learning how to use the software. But why does it matter what I’m using as long as I get the project done?! It takes time for me to learn to use fancy software over something that I’m used too and time’s a commodity most people can’t afford these days.” That was an excerpt from the first version of this piece where I found freedom in accepting that I didn’t have to use the tools everyone else was using and that I would be perfectly fine using Microsoft Publisher to address my designer needs for the rest of my (probably short lived) career. Since then I’ve come to terms with what I was actually doing which is a mix between giving myself some room to breathe and hanging myself with the slack that I was allowing. The truth…

Goin’ Through The Big D And Don’t Mean Dallas Pt 1

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My marriage is officially over. My life has been turned upside down. I thought I would have a lifetime with the man I love, but it turned out that two years was enough for him. I completely gave myself over to him, body and soul. I gave him everything I had. Now I am empty, I have nothing. Being alone has made me realize that I don’t even know myself anymore. I got so caught up in being “Lucas’s Wife” that Dana is totally lost. Where do I go from here? How am I ever going to get past this? I feel like I’m just a shell of who I once was. Everyone expects me to just bounce back and be the same outgoing girl I was when I left Texas. I can’t be that person anymore. I’m too broken. My life used to be full of crazy adventures, but those are all just distant memories. Currently, I’m seeing the world through blurry tear filled eyes. It’s terrifying. I have to…