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Four Little Sorority Girls

Originally posted on the hoe handbook:
Hi everyone! Let me start this off by giving a gigantic apology to all of you for being so inactive over the past few weeks. College is busy and stressful and with classes, pledging, and everyday priorities our blog has fallen to the wayside, but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away! We’re still here to update you on all the crazy things happening in our lives. So let me break down some recent events for you. As many of you know, a few weeks ago all four of us hoes participated in formal recruitment. It was a wild few weeks but I can now proudly tell you all that we’ve all found our sorority home! Hoe 1: After the long, tiring, and emotional process of not receiving a bid from her top choice sorority (Delta Gamma), Hoe 1 found her home in Alpha Omicron Pi! She’s super excited to spend time meeting her new sisters and establishing the colony chapter of AOII here at our school (and has already…