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What’s the Point of Nationalism?

Originally posted on Painting On Scars:
  (Public Domain Image from ? The National Police Chiefs Council reports hate crimes in the United Kingdom have increased fivefold in the days following the vote for Brexit. A Polish waitress was asked by two customers, “Why do you look so happy? You’re going home.” A German woman found dog excrement thrown at the door to her home. Bilingual cards reading, “Leave the EU – No more Polish vermin” were distributed in Cambridgeshire. Some Central Europeans and non-white Britons have been harassed on the street, others have had to evacuate their residences after threats.  Paul Bagguley, a sociologist at the University of Leeds told The Guardian: There is a kind of celebration going on; it’s a celebratory racism…  People haven’t changed. I would argue the country splits into two-thirds to three-quarters of people being tolerant and a quarter to a third being intolerant. And a section of that third have become emboldened. At other times, people are polite and rub along. While politicians argue about whether or…

Don’t Keep the Past Alive

Originally posted on Bent Beginnings:
(Disclaimer: I apologize now for the amount of curse words in this post, but I had to get my point across…) As I began this journey, I knew the healthiest way to be successful was to be honest with myself. And from that honesty, comes pain. Pain derived from many years of shit. We all have our shit, but how we deal with that is what makes us the people we are today. Millennials are becoming a generation of shit. Shit jobs, shit careers, shit living situations (well those of us in San Francisco at least), shit educations. Just shit. So what makes me any more special than the next? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But I am special to myself, and that is taking a lot of work to even be able to say that. My childhood was shit. Plain and simple. Yes, there were good days, a lot of good days. But what sticks with you as you grow up is the shit. So here it is, the darkest of…

Choco, Almond & Coconut Bliss Balls

Originally posted on foodbycamilla:
? ? The recipe I wanted to share today is  bliss ball!  Bliss balls or energy balls are so easy to whip up, there is no lengthy preparation time or cooking involved. Bliss balls are simply raw balls usually made up of mainly dates and nuts.I used a combination of  coconut, almonds, oats, dates and cacao powder as the base and rolled them in some more coconut. These makes a delicious guilt- free delicious snack. Bliss balls are amazing to pop in your lunchbox and will easily satisfy sweet cravings. These are brilliant to make in the beginning of the week, store them in the fridge, and you have a healthy snack available all week long. Ingredients: ( makes about 12 bliss balls).  1/2 cup  / 75 gram almonds 1/2 cup / 45 gram oats 1/4 cup / 25 gram desiccated coconut, unsweetend 8 medjool dates 1 tsp coconut oil 1  tbsp heaped raw cacao powder 1 tsp water (if necessary). ? Method: Place all the ingredients (except for the dates)  in a food…

Sometimes, You’re in the Shadows ..

Originally posted on Traveling With Tasha:
? Sometimes it takes a long time to realize the truth. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize that no matter how hard you wish or dream, things just weren’t meant to be. It will hurt. Maybe every day. It will go away. Eventually. You’ll get new dreams, and your focus will go elsewhere. But, every now and then, something will remind you. That pain of wanting it so badly will come back up again, and you’ll hurt like it was the first day. But you will be okay. Life will go on. There are other things out there. You will be okay.

I’m Not Sold On Relationships

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
I’m not sold on relationships. I’m not sold on the idea of only being with one person for the rest of your life. Because I’m only in my 20’s and feel like I’ve been 10 different people already. How can someone tolerate that much growth in their self, let alone someone else? Plus all I’ve seen is the divorce rate sky-rocket. I’m not sold on fairytale romances where you meet “the one.” There are SO many people in the world and we’re only exposed to a small portion, even with the Internet. What are the chances you met “the one” at college in your home state? I’m not sold on dedicating your life to someone else. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be a little selfish, but in a relationship you shouldn’t be selfish at all. I’m not sold on the dynamic most relationships adapt. Just settling into the first thing that comes your way, changing your dreams for someone else. You had plans to move out of…

Fuck Depression, Anxiety, and Panic

Originally posted on You Should See My Scars:
Thats right people.  Join me right now and just scream “FUCK!!!!!” at the top of your lungs! Life is short.  We only have one.  And yet here we are, lost in our minds.  Lost in misery.  Lost in everything that could have been, should have been, could be, and should be. But I’m done.   You should be done too. Depression my dear, look at you.  All old, withered, and miserable.   Well you know what, Im gonna give you the biggest bitch slap you stupid cunt! Thats right people!   Me, and you.  We are better than this.  Were above this.   Depression is us keeping ourselves down due to things that have happened to us.  Maybe it was being bullied as children.   Or maybe you have lost a loved one.  Or have been raped, or any other horrible thing or things out there!  But one thing is for sure:  Giving in to depression is admitting defeat to the past and present.  Its giving even…

Can You Really “Have It All”?

Originally posted on The Millennial Lawyer:
This post is different from my usual “evergreen” educational posts.  I attended a CLE conference this past Friday and one of the panel discussion really struck a nerve. Thus, this post was born. The panel was comprised of three lawyers. One in her mid-thirties, one in her late sixties, and one in her middle to late forties. I was unsure what the actual topic of the panel was supposed to be, but the discussion revolved around being a lawyer and a mother. Each panelist as different ideas about what it means to be a “good lawyer” and a “good mother”. The first panelist, Ms. Mid-Thirties, was a litigation attorney who felt that it was more important to spend time with her children than working an ungodly number of hours to make equity partner. The second panelist, Ms. Sixties, also a litigation attorney, felt that she missed out on certain success in her career because she was so focused on her kids. She mentioned she wished she shifted her focus…

Thoughts About Rejections

Originally posted on Lola By The Bay:
How do you deal with a rejection? What effect does it have on you emotionally and how do you go about with proceeding forward from it? This is a topic that I’ve been meaning to discuss for a while, and after the events that have happened in my life over the past few days, now feels like the right time to finally touch on the subject. Rejection comes in several forms, and it’s something that can never be truly avoided by  anyone, but for the sake of the matter, I want to focus in on the rejections received as a creative person… and/or as a Millennial; for these are the rejections that follow along the “make or break” kind of deal. Rejections in the Creative Life Anyone who is a creative person- regardless of whether you’re a writer, a visual artist, an actor, singer, dancer, and so on- already knows that there are bounds of rejections to be faced and have yet to be faced. With so many…