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Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board.

Originally posted on Ordinary Adventures:
I’ve always been a goal oriented person. A list maker, a planner, a dreamer. I’ve always known what I wanted and set out at full speed to accomplish it. I even have daily, monthly, and yearly to-do lists that have and still do motivate and remind me how to create success. I had my perfect five, ten, and even twenty year plan all set by the time I was fifteen. And up until 2015, I was right on schedule, maybe even ahead of my own curve! Then my train flew off the tracks somewhere in January and honestly, I’ve been a little lost ever since. I’ve regrouped, reevaluated, and am creating new plans. This derailment has brought on a lot of new obstacles and things to consider. It’s all kind of thrown me for a loop and this summer was a miserable season both weather wise and for my life. But! A new season in every since in upon me. My favorite time of the year is nearing, I am finishing my last shift…