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Modern Rebels

Originally posted on for the love of nike:
Milwaukee Art Museum is currently featuring an exhibit of Modern Rebels who were game changers in the world of fine arts. You’re probably familiar with most of them. A short list of the 68 master makers includes Frida, Pollock, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dalí, Miró, & Lichtenstein. It’s so wonderful to walk through works from around 1900 to 1960, and view each piece as a stepping stone in the timeline until now. Strong vibes of surrealism, cubism, Fauvism, and abstraction all staring each other in the face. Such a powerhouse collection makes me wonder what collections will be circulation 100 years from now. Who will be the future rebels to revere for generations to come? I wore a fun dress by WHIT. It only seemed fitting with the bold color and pattern mirrored in the art work. Take a look other inspiring WHIT pieces here. To push the tropical vibe further, I wore my Hawaiian print Roshe Runs. They’re no longer available, but you can grab the matching leggings on sale now.…