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Lurking from Nowhere

Originally posted on Let's talk about the L word!:
Have you ever found yourself so ruined that no occurrence is grand enough to afflict you? No person nor their dismissive actions hold potential to harm you, not anymore. You’re as slippery as sand, massive as stone, unscratchable as diamond. That feeling of superiority reaching out to invincibility. A state where you remain, observant and untouchable, simply drifting through space and time, a place where everything exists but nothing happens. It’s on those days you’re feeling so inertly absent, that you may actually notice how white and wide the moon halo glows, wildly spreading out on the night’s purplish sky. Those moments where you and nature melt together, for you’re so tired of life’s social artificiality. The demanding obligation to feel or pity, to smile and profess kind words. Those times you’re nothing but a ruthless and absent-hearted shadow, but yet, society compels you to act like you’re whole and willing to continue this show. You may feel enticed to kick back into desperation, once you find no significance in anything you experience, when she is lost and your body has been evaded, left to…