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My Top Essential Beauty Tools – Eyelash Curler, You Da Real MVP

Originally posted on Lash-Eyed Beauty:
When you first look at someone’s face, what’s the first thing you notice? Some people say smile or maybe even nose; but for me, I say eyes. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, purple, almond shaped, circle shaped, whatever they may be; your eyes have one beautiful built-in accessory: lashes. I absolutely love to play up my eyes with my lashes. I feel like when my lashes are curled and mascara is on, I can take on the world. Facilitate a meeting? Done. Actually work out at the gym? Done. Finish that In-N-Out burger and still make room for those animal style fries without spilling on my shirt? DONE. In my head, people split like the Red Sea when I walk down the street cause when they see me they’re like, “watch out for Melissa, she’s got her power lashes on!” Painful. That’s the word I would use when I think about my first experience with my lash curler. I remember I pinched too tight and accidentally grabbed some eyelid…