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Originally posted on that ginger geek:
Just to clarify, I RESPECT EVERYONES FANDOMS AND HAVE NO REASON TO INSULT OTHERS. Except for One Direction, the Beliebers and Twilight fans. I’m sorry, you suck. Me and my friends are all on different fandoms (yes I have friends) I’m a SuperWhoLockian, plus Harry Potter and the Avengers, even though I don’t watch Supernatural. Quite a lot of my friends love anime, one likes the Holy Emo Trinity and Creepypasta, another loves Once and Pretty Little Liars. It goes on. (We’re all members of the Phandom though) Which fandoms you’re in tell a lot about a person. Like seriously, a lot. Also don’t insult other people’s fandoms. You’ll then get the entire fandom rising against you. And that person you’re terrified of will be in that fandom (FACT) Those are my relatively wise words. To be fair, you probably could have found exactly the same kind of thing in any blog, or vlog, but hey. Peace out.