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BeautyBeyondBones I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I wish I could “un-know” things. You know what I mean? Like, I wish I didn’t know some of the things I do. I wish I could un-learn them. Un-see them. Like Justin Timberlake with cornrows. Or the girl from the movie, The Ring. That disturbing image will forever be seared into my brain. And, this is coming from the girl who was terrified of scary movies, and would “watch” those flicks from behind a pillow when my friends would insist on watching them. Or if you walk in on your parents “doing it.” Not that that’s ever happened to me. But so I’ve heard. I did walk in on my friend’s dad pooping….that was pretty scarring. Never went over to that house again, that’s for dang sure. But all jokes aside, there are things that I just wish I didn’t have knowledge about. I… View original post 732 more words

Why Do Men Have to Use Urinals?! (Video Request)

Originally posted on John Lee Taggart:
Why is it that it is okay for men to pee in a pot with an audience, but not for ladies? Well, it’s certainly a pretty weird issue…but a one I was glad to delve into (eww)… What do you think? Don’t be a shy bladder – get involved with the gross debate! Oh, and if you have a video request you can leave a comment, or send me an email – if it’s a cool/interesting idea then I will get to it as soon as I can! Please buy my collection of stories! Get it in paperback here – or on Kindle here! ALL proceeds go towards Macmillan Cancer Support!

Email Newsletter: The Skimm

If you haven’t heard of The Skimm yet here’s a quick rundown. It’s a daily e-newsletter that gives you a summary of important pop culture and political topics. Here’s a sample from today’s letter: I’m horrible at staying aware of all of the issues…and being “hip.” If you have the same problem, this will make that slightly possible. You can check it out or sign up here. The Skimm is currently partnering with Chase. Basically, at the end of each email is a financial tip from Chase. Like this: Later this week I’ll talk a little more about my favorite ways to stay connected and aware of popular topics. Feel free to share how you stay connected. Comment below or send an email to I’d love to add some to the list! G.U.M Team