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I Regret Getting My MBA

Originally posted on One Millennial Girl:
My intentions are not to make you think that I’m not proud of achieving the accomplishment of obtaining a master’s degree, the process comes with the good as well as the bad. I want to share my experiences and a few of the situations I faced during and after my time in the MBA program. The good – is the feeling of walking across the stage, knowing that you’ve made it through some of the toughest courses, the pats on the back from family and friends, and the possibility of a stable career. The bad – comes when you complete your M.B.A. while you’re unemployed, with no way of paying back your student loans. This is where my regret comes in. I went into the M.B.A. program a year after getting my bachelor’s degree. I wanted to continue the learning process while I still had a student mindset and I figured it would help me stay competitive in the job market. At that time, I didn’t really know what…

Moving Away Part 1: How to Grad School

Originally posted on How Do I Grown Up:
As I’ve mentioned, I’m headed to grad school this month. No big deal, just casually moving from Seattle to New York City. About three months in to my two year Peace Corps term I decided to go to grad school when I got home and began obsessing. On my weekly trip to the capitol city, I would copy and paste page after page or poorly loaded content from university websites and compile them into guides on my computer. I got pretty into tables of contents. From there I would read through each guide, judging the school’s education program on three excel pages of factors, organized by priority. After a year and a half, I had a spreadsheet of over 40 schools. I applied for three. My point is that I had the time to obsess about grad school and systematically evaluate my options before picking the best fit. I then had enough time to take the GRE and apply for schools. Peace Corps was a blessing that taught me…

Lose to Win

Originally posted on Applying While Black:
You can slay the GMAT, have the Harvard or Goldman, or even read every post, and still have nothing to show for it. In such instances, what’s your recourse? Hopefully, you’ve invested significant amounts of time towards putting together the strongest showcase of your candidacy. And by now you’re exhausted from the essay reviews, $250 application fees, and the anxiety of awaiting a decision to find out you were rejected. Usually, I try to keep the writing to a thematic couplet of aspiration and motivation. Therefore, what usually connects those two pieces is pragmatism. And, practically, it’s possible you won’t get into your first choice school. The more we accept this possibility, the better armed we’ll be to proceed. Obviously, you can elect to attend another school. But I do believe everyone should matriculate to a school where they truly want to go. When applying to undergrad, you’re advised to divide schools by the likelihood of your admission. We have reach schools, target schools, and back-up schools. However, when…