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Originally posted on Allegedly An Adult:
You didn’t know anyone at school, but that’s the reason you went away. You needed a fresh start, a whole new chance to be the girl you envied in high school. The effortlessly cool girl that everyone loved. You came here for another reason too: a boy. Of course it’s a boy, you’re still years away from becoming emotionally jaded. He was yours when you agreed to move out of state of he’s not anymore. Your dormmate is a partier, something you don’t know you have the gene for yet. She knows a lot of people, older guys not living in the dorms. You go with her to their apartment to play beer pong. Beer still tastes like warm stale urine to you so you stick with vodka shots. Not the good kind. He was your beer pong partner that night and had an exam in the morning but that didn’t stop him from inviting himself over to your dorm. It seems strange that he can just walk into…