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We Want You…



We’re always looking for eager-ambitious millennials to join our team. Think you would make a great addition to the G.U.M Team? Here are the positions we’re looking to fill:


Director of Communications
Responsible for overseeing communication to the media, handling communication sent to the public, managing the G.U.M brand and reputation, contacting members of the media to set up publicity opportunities and to foster strong relationships, aiding in the creation of rich and creative content that is optimized for search engines, and developing and executing branding initiatives.

Media Relations & Publicity Manager
Responsible for managing communication to the media, including social media, preparing articles, protecting and promoting the image of the company and company products, creating effective communication channels, managing relationships with media outlets, overseeing the creation and planning of marketing campaigns, and enhancing the G.U.M brand with an emphasis on publicity.

Website Administrators
Acting as editors of the website, the responsibilities include maintaining the cohesive design of the website, aiding in increasing the online marketing presence, defining the web communications strategy, evaluating usability and utilization of web pages, implementing planned improvements based on feedback, and updating the website content as needed.

Sales & Merchandise Manager
Responsible for analyzing marketing strategies of trends and results, establishing sales objectives, developing and executing sales initiatives, aiding in the development of and checking on sales promotions, and increasing sales volume and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand, changing trends, and competitors.

Staff Writers
The core of this role is to write content for publication. Depending on your level of commitment, there will be future opportunities to attend events, communicate with other staff and people in the industry, to perform administrative duties, and to participate in future projects as we expand as a company.

You can fill out the form here or email us at staff@iamgum.com.

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