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Bye Summer

Originally posted on Dear Friend,:
Dear Friend, Sorry its been a while, i’ve been swamped. Things have been buzzing since i got home from vacation. For one i got a job. I’m the new office assistant at my dance studio, its 3 days a week, pays 15 $ an hour and i get to take class for free. Thank god i have such a great support system at dance or else i would be screwed. I have to go find another though, 3 days a week isn’t enough and this job wont be available next summer. I also went to inquire about taking a few classes at the community college near me. I’ve been there 3 days this week trying to figure everything out. Long story short; I’ll be taking a Drama Literature class. Its twice a week, tomorrows my first day.. yikesss.. i haven’t sat in a classroom desk in over a year (last year we had our academic classes in the dance studio), i’m excited to get back in the groove of things,…