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Video games are the epitomes of storytelling

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been interested in video games. When I was younger, I remember my parents telling me that I shouldn’t play that much video games because: It kills your brain cells You’ll end up not doing anything with your life It’s not very beneficial to you Well I don’t blame them for saying stuff like that because I would most definitely be hooked on a screen for countless of hours if they didn’t and probably wouldn’t be where I am today…. in front a screen for countless of hours..(Thanks mom and dad LOL). I agree some games are like this *ehem* Postal 2 *ehem* BUT(emphasis on the but) not all of them are. Actually, most games now are the total opposites of this common misconception but one genre of video games really stood out for me and that is….*drum rolls *tambourine rings |Story based Video Games| What is that you may ask?! Well the title is pretty self explanatory.. Video Games that are based on stories.. or Interactive stories.. whichever floats your…

It’s the Future! – Wednesday 21st October, 2015.

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The movie was better than what we have now, to be honest.  No flying cars yet. Today is the day that Marty went to the future, here in Australia.

I have to grow up?

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Recently, the Hoes and I were sent a questionnaire to fill out by an AWESOME blog (thanks G.U.M.). One of the questions really got me thinking. The question was “What trajectory are you hoping to push yourself onto? Where do you want to head?” Originally I wanted to answer this question when we filled out the questionnaire, but then I began to think about it harder and realized I needed more than just a few sentences to put all of my goals, hopes, dreams and desires into words. At first read of this question I only thought about possible job options, but as I contemplated further I began to think about my life in general, where IS it going, and where do I WANT it to go? Firstly I want to have the whole college experience; I want to join a sorority, study abroad, get that summer internship I am SO not qualified for, dance my heart out at frats and spend endless hours in the library studying for…