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Thrifting Haul: Anachronistic Picnic

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
I have a secret daydream of living in a little house with a vast, verdant garden in an utterly nonexistent, romanticized land and era where my days spend my days poring over novels, walking through slightly-wild rosebushes, and drinking tea by an abandoned fountain in the late afternoon (and also probably eating cake and strawberries, because why not). This ridiculous, saccharine fantasy recently enveloped me while I was–of all places–lost in the middle of countless racks of color-coded clothes at the Goodwill Store. And why? Because, friends, I found the dress of my dreams: or maybe I should say that it found me? (No, I definitely found it: let’s not make this weirder than it already is.) Absolutely every detail of this dress delights me. The neckline pairs perfectly with my grandmother’s pearls (appropriately)–or, if I had one, perhaps a cameo brooch. There’s no tag or maker’s mark on this dress, and the way in which it’s stitched suggests that it was probably handmade, making it even more charming! You know what I like, though? Really nice fitted…

Winter Warmers

Originally posted on Face Camera Action:
The English summer is definitely over so this means only one thing, we have to get out the jumpers. Although I moan about the English winter being so wet and grey I must admit I do love the fashion during this season, jumpers, coats and boots! Today I have been and bought my first new winter clothes to add to the wardrobe and this literally makes me so excited! Ive gone for a grey oversized jumper and a pair of high heeled chelsea boots. Ive paired these with a pair of leather look leggings and my grey Kurt Geiger bag. I feel like these are all staple items for the wardrobe as can go with everything and will always look great! Jumper – H&M £14.99 Boots – H&M £24.99 Bag- Kurt Geiger – £150 Leggings – River Island £9.99 Iv

Selling My Stuff: Clothes Hoarding

Originally posted on Greasepaint & Good Times:
As it’s under 2 weeks until I make the journey to Australia, I have decided to try and sell some of my old clothes that I either don’t wear anymore or don’t fit into, to make some extra money so I don’t have to dip into my travelling fund for my drinking habits etc. I haven’t even sold everything yet, but this was such a hard thing to do for me. I’m like almost every girl that when I get invited out on a Saturday night, I can’t find anything to wear. Not a thing. I will pine for ages about how my clothes are too old or don’t suit the occasion etc. and will end up borrowing something of my friends or buying something new before the weekend. This happens almost every week. When I made the bold decision to sell some of my clothes, I didn’t realize how much I hoard clothes. Unfortunately, all of the dresses have gone and it’s just the shoes left to sell. I’m a…