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You Want to Know Why Writers are Crazy?

Originally posted on That Weird Brown Girl:
We have a million different people, with completely different personalities, all living in a thousand different worlds, feeling a spectrum of emotions, uttering countless words ever know to man, all of this, trapped inside our single, seemingly irrelevant, soul. We find it hard to grapple with reality, when the only reality that we know are infused with the makings of our fantasy addled brain, thus rendering the actual world as mundane or just plain boring. We find it hard to be vocal about a good many things, while, at the same time, find it even harder to keep them bottled up, thus, making writing a curiously calm realm, between the comfort of our thoughts, and the scrutiny of others. We fall in love, not with physical appearances, but with the thoughts, words, and feelings of a character, making them seem more real, while the people around us reduce to hallucinations. We strive to bring out the beauty and the terrible truth of something trivial, making it seem like…

Traveluxblog | Moritz & Sabrina

We’re both students and “suffer” from chronic wanderlust. Thus, we travel passionately as often as we can – mostly on weekends, but also during university vacations. We change hotels in each city every night so that we can see and experience as much as possible. We are more the adventurous type, so real beach vacations are pretty much nonexistent. But not adventurous enough to relinquish Wi-Fi during our travels, as we want to share our impressions of hotels or cities as fast as we can on our blog! While we do not prefer just metropolises or just small villages, but a good mix of everything, we usually stay at five star properties.