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Can You Really “Have It All”?

Originally posted on The Millennial Lawyer:
This post is different from my usual “evergreen” educational posts.  I attended a CLE conference this past Friday and one of the panel discussion really struck a nerve. Thus, this post was born. The panel was comprised of three lawyers. One in her mid-thirties, one in her late sixties, and one in her middle to late forties. I was unsure what the actual topic of the panel was supposed to be, but the discussion revolved around being a lawyer and a mother. Each panelist as different ideas about what it means to be a “good lawyer” and a “good mother”. The first panelist, Ms. Mid-Thirties, was a litigation attorney who felt that it was more important to spend time with her children than working an ungodly number of hours to make equity partner. The second panelist, Ms. Sixties, also a litigation attorney, felt that she missed out on certain success in her career because she was so focused on her kids. She mentioned she wished she shifted her focus…

DIY Estate Planning: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Originally posted on The Millennial Lawyer:
An abundance of information is at our fingertips. Any question we have can be answered by a few strokes on a keyboard. With all of that information readily available, it is no surprise that the DIY movement has exploded. I personally am a huge fan of do-it-yourself crafts. My pinterest board is full of wreaths and how to repurpose furniture. While I will try my hand at a craft in a heartbeat, I would never follow a DIY on something that requires a professional, like plumbing or electrical. Everyday though, somebody somewhere thinks instead of hiring a professional, they can handle the job. Including DIY legal documents. People tell themselves, “How hard can it really be to get a will?” I can print it off the internet, have it signed and notarized, and BOOM, I’m covered. Cheap, Quick, and Easy. Cheap, quick, and easy does not always equate to “legal and binding”. The heirs of Anthony J. Ferrantino found that out the hard way: LegalZoom was the target of a class…

Lessons learned in my first 3.5 months as a Lawyer

Originally posted on That Career Girl:
Hello to my new legally inclined followers, thank you so much for signing up. My previous article on this topic took off on Facebook after it was shared by the awesome site, Survive Law. I thought I would continue the theme and follow up with 5 more lessons learned as I make my way up the ‘new lawyer learning curve‘. 1. Unless you appear in court, you don’t need a suit on a daily basis I’ve noticed that suits in offices are becoming an endangered species. Generally, women can get away with pairing a pencil skirt or suit trousers with a nice top and/or a cardigan. As for men, ties come out for special occasions. I have been on the hunt for a nice suit ever since signing on the dotted line to start this job, but due to the limited options (and the huge cost), I’ve been pretty tardy with my search. This hasn’t affected me at work at all. Although sooner or later I’ll need to take a photograph…