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Lessons learned in my first 3.5 months as a Lawyer

Originally posted on That Career Girl:
Hello to my new legally inclined followers, thank you so much for signing up. My previous article on this topic took off on Facebook after it was shared by the awesome site, Survive Law. I thought I would continue the theme and follow up with 5 more lessons learned as I make my way up the ‘new lawyer learning curve‘. 1. Unless you appear in court, you don’t need a suit on a daily basis I’ve noticed that suits in offices are becoming an endangered species. Generally, women can get away with pairing a pencil skirt or suit trousers with a nice top and/or a cardigan. As for men, ties come out for special occasions. I have been on the hunt for a nice suit ever since signing on the dotted line to start this job, but due to the limited options (and the huge cost), I’ve been pretty tardy with my search. This hasn’t affected me at work at all. Although sooner or later I’ll need to take a photograph…