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Berlin Fashion Week Features Pieces Made for and Modeled by Dwarfs

Originally posted on Painting On Scars:
(Image © Valerie Diedenhofen used with permission) ? It’s been a good week in the media for dwarfs. Not only did Peter Dinklage’s Emmy win allow for him to speak out once again against bullying, but Fashion Week just ended in the city I call home and I couldn’t help but squeal a little “OMG!” at seeing history being made. With her collection “At Eye Level,” Berlin-based designer Sema Gedik presented clothes made for and modeled by Laura Christ, Mick Mehnert, Eva Ehrmann and others with dwarfism. Gedik was inspired to do so after observing the difficulty of finding clothes that fit—not to mention stylish ones—faced by her cousin Funda, who has achondroplasia. That the fashion industry has never seemed interested in offering dwarfs clothing made for their bodies imbued Gedik with “an intense feeling of injustice.” She tells Berlin’s Tageszeitung, “Fashion should not be restricted by social conventions.” But those restrictions are there, which is why she reports being surprised that she even managed to get the project…

City Review: Bremen

travelux Bremen, a city located in the North of Germany, counts half a million inhabitants and is the 10th biggest city in Germany. Known for its fairytale “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”, but also for its soccer club “Werder Bremen”, Bremen is not a really popular touristic destination. Anyways, we discovered the city of Bremen by foot and came to the conclusion that Bremen is fairly underrated! Beautiful historic old town, impressive stadium, a very special quarter called Schnoor and many parks characterize the city of Bremen. At least, that’s what I can say after having explored the city. Before, I did hardly know anything about Bremen. As we arrived by train, Bremen’s central station was the first thing we saw in the city. I have to admit, a very impressive building itself! Strolling through Bremen’s green sides As we stayed at Swissôtel Bremen, the first thing we entered after leaving the… View original post 347 more words