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New “Doctor Who” Mini Teases S9 Drama

Originally posted on The Collective Blog:
In an attempt to whet the appetite of Whovians, BBC One has released a “Prologue” to the upcoming Series 9–a two minute vignette that raises a few questions on the well-being of the 12th Doctor and the nature of his future in the universe. Spoilers ahead, Sweetie… There’s not really much to say about S9 yet, except that I love this strange person calling the Doctor on his lying and cynicism and I’m looking forward to seeing River Song in the new season. Yes, the Doctor’s wife is back this for the Christmas Special, presumably because Moffat realizes he’s got a really bad track record with his female fans, but also because she is an amazing character and I’ve written Santa for two years now, begging for her return. I hope that this isn’t some strange, ghost version of River Song post-Library in the 2015 Christmas episode because NOPE, no thank you. I want to see the River who knows Eleven but hasn’t met Ten, and happens to bump into Twelve (she has the book with all his…

Review of Game of Thrones Series 5 (Spoiler alert)

Originally posted on David Snape Show – Bourne and Beyond:
Life is full of dramas, just this morning my blinds fell down suddenly and it looks like i have to get them up and down manually without the pull down thingy which should be fine but what a pain in the backside LOL. Time changes rapidly and brand new faces come into the scene and shocking moments occur, a bit like the latest series in fact. But what about the main characters and their journeys. Tyrion Lanniester  After killing his father Tywin with a crossbow, Tyrion had to escape somewhere to find peace and enter a new adventure. Thinking his was going to be stuck at Pentos, Vars suggested finding the one true heir to the seven kingdoms, Danerys. That would mean though being stuck inside a “f###ing box” for a while as Tyrion puts it, got to love his humor though. After entering a brothel on the way, Tyrion was kidnapped by the lonely Jonah Mormont who was to give Tyrion to Danerys as…