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10 Thoughts Every Girl Trying To Be Fit Experiences

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
1. Why can’t I look like her??? Whether we’re watching television, scrolling through Instagram, or staring at the gym – we’re always trying to look like someone else. 2. I need to eat healthy *Pins a bunch of recipes on Pinterest that you’ll never cook* 3. When did I even start looking like this?? Like I’m pretty sure I woke up one morning with 10 extra pounds and no ability to run. 4. Does that boy think I’m cute or am I doing this machine wrong? I’m definitely doing this machine wrong… 5. I don’t want to go to the gym. Then someone says “yes you do!” to encourage you, but no I really freaking don’t. 6. Don’t eat carbs!!!!!! *eats all the carbs!!!!!!* 7. I give up. The scale doesn’t move no matter how much I move. 8. No, I can do this. I’ll try really hard today so I don’t have to do anything tomorrow. 9. Alright, I’m just never going to look like that. Unless you’re changing…