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Forty-Minute Forest Fix

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
During my childhood, I spent infinitely more time outside than indoors. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting perched on a stone or hiding under the shade of a tree! Even as a full-time employee, then, I try to use my lunch breaks as an opportunity to spend as much time active and outdoors as possible. Usually, this just takes the form of walking through town and climbing a few imposing hills, but I decided recently that I needed a bit more of an adventure. (My Kanken Mini and a good book were, of course, my sole companions!) A local bike path provided the perfect spot for a brief forest retreat: it winds behind schools and houses, under highways, and through countless groves of trees and ferns. The sheer number of people–from cycling commuters to families en route to picnics–gave it a very safe and friendly feeling.  Walking on a paved path through a wild, wooded space is an interesting experience–it lacks the pioneering vibe of hiking in the “wilderness,” and…