Month: August 2016

Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

A little delayed but here is the long-awaited book review of The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George that I had finally finished reading some time over the week. I must admit that the book was pretty damn amazing. Why? No matter how desperate I wanted to finish reading the book and keep up with my 2016 Goodreads Reading Challenge, I also wanted to take my time with it. It was quite a dilemma, indeed. What I liked about the book was the writing style. It was casually-written, injected with lots of bookish humour and dry sarcasm. The kind of dry Bitish wit that mocks your intelligence but you know they’re just kidding. They don’t mean to put you down or ridicule you. They just want to make you laugh. I also loved how literary it was, with the author leaving a smattering of bite-sized pieces of quotes in books written by dead (or still alive) bestselling authors. Monsieur Jean Perdu’s occupation as the literary apothecary, where he turned a little barge into his floating book clinic on the Seine, sealed my love for …

Ireland! 50 Shades of Green!

via uma HilaryStyle Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by lush green landscape all year long, I was skeptical about the idea that there could be anywhere more green, I mean just as green, sure, but MORE green, no way… Okay, I was wrong, Ireland has the PNW beat, because not only are there 50+ shades of the most intense green you’ve ever seen and then some, but there are castles too!  You’ve got to have castles!! Driving from Cork to Killarney we experienced not only all those beautiful shades of green, but its possible to have weather from all four seasons within one day, if not the hour, which made our drive, not only stunningly beautiful, but eventful as well!  Rain, wind, sun, clouds you name it… White caps on the lake! Planning to explore nearby areas we spent three nights in Killarney, the gateway to the Ring of Kerry and the perfect little… View original post 764 more words

An Ode to Orgasms

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O thou ravishing convulsions, Who lie dormant in the day,  And dream of freedom, honeyed revulsions, Yearning for your next lay. O thou bringer of joy and destroyer of woe,  It doth not matter how it occur; You care not if with friend or foe, If it’s sweet and intimate or merely a blur. The quivering. The quaking. The shivering. The shaking. Oh what’s that? Let you free? And you’ll promise me another three… Orgasms are awesome. Here’s some fun reading material on the big O: 10 Reasons You Should Have More Orgasms | Women’s Health What Happens When You Have an Orgasm? These 8 Awesome Health Benefits That Beat Going to the Gym Tonight | Bustle Here’s Why You Can’t Orgasm, According to Science | IFLScience The Female Orgasm Explained by Guys | Buzzfeed A-Z Challenge: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [Header image source: Pixabay]

Ready for Fall and 10 Strength Training Moves for Runners

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8 miles before 7 am with some gorgeous cloud cover. My legs were feeling so good too! I think it had something to do with the awesome cool breeze we’ve been experiencing lately. I’m seriously counting down the days for the arrival of glorious fall. So along with marathon training as most of you know maintaining some sort of strength training regimen is vital. I try to lift weights 2-3 times a week along with my marathon training schedule. Bodyweight exercises for runners are also really helpful. This gets me out on the roads feeling stronger and definitely more powerful. Working different muscle groups and keeping your body shocked for me I think is so important and will help you get further in the long run. (pun intended) Click on the links to get a description of each. (source- Pop Sugar Fitness) 1. Squats – my absolute favorites are goblet squats 2. Walking lunges 3. Shoulder presses 4. Tricep dips 5. Bicep curls 6. Plank/side planks 7. Deadlifts 8. Wall sits 9.…

6 Most Valuable Life Lessons I’ve Learned

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Disclaimer: Some of these are fact. Some are conclusions I’ve reached that I believe to be true. Take these- as I hope you take everything- with a grain of salt. God is in control I am not the center of the universe You will never truly know the mind of another, but never stop trying to empathize Listen. To other people. To wisdom. To opposing viewpoints. To your own mind Keep your head in the clouds but don’t forget about where your feet are Think deeply. Form your own opinions. Research. Never be content to mindlessly follow others Just briefly, I’d like to elaborate on point number 6. We feel comfortable when we fit in. Often, we’re so caught up in doing what everyone else is doing that we forget to ask “why are we doing this?” One thing I’d like to see more in America is people asking why. The first thing we need to do is question things (the tax system, vaccinations, or the quality of McDonald’s food, for…

The A-Z (or Y) of a Book Lover’s Glossary

Who else agrees with me on this? That no matter where we are, it will always feel like we have been transported to a new destination whenever we pick up a book to read. I feel that way all the time when I had my nose buried between the pages of a book. Carlos Ruiz Zafon took me to the olden days of Barcelona. Cathy Kelly brought me through the streets of Ireland. Elif Shafak was my tour guide in Turkey and Istanbul. And now, Jimmy Carter is wading through the murky waters with me in Georgia, Philadelphia, and Florida. Even though I was never physically there in those places. That’s it, feel the gentle bookish breeze stroking your mind and stoking your imagination. In the meantime, all this reading and bookish fever have prompted within me to draw up a glossary list (with a short caption for each letter) that most (and many) readers can relate to, although these alphabetical terms are more personal to me than to the masses: A – Adventure New travel …

They’ve Bloody Done It!!! – 25th-27th May 1999

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Tuesday 25thI had my multiple choice Geography exam today. It was solid! You could hear the groans echo round the examination room as the people doing the higher paper opened it up to reveal the questions! I went back to Ed’s with Emma, Cat Elliot and Davis Nolan after the exam coz we only had an hour or so before Swing Band started. Davis and I have never really got on before but recently he’s started being really nice to me and he kept tickling me and stuff and he even had his arm round me at one point today. He’s with Emma though sort of so it doesn’t worry me much, it’s just more weird than anything else but then he’s American so that can explain a lot!! Only joking! He kept questioning me on Ollie, asking me if he was good and stuff. I squirmed my way out of answering the question though somehow! He was quite gentle with me (Ollie this is) but I’d probably…

Chicago’s Air and Water Show

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Chicago’s Air and Water Show was this past weekend–and it was fantastic as always. This year’s headliners were the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds the F-35 Heritage Flight. The show has been around for 57 years. Back then, the budget was only $88. I’d love to know what the total cost is now that Shell is footing the bill. There is nothing like watching some amazing stunts while gazing at the city that you love. ?

Destination: Cambria, California

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Hello, fellow bloggers! After spending this past week recalling my travels in Scandinavia during the summer of 2012 (for the post that started it all, check it out here), next on my “Throwback Travels” takes us all the way back to 2010, when I spent a good amount of it visiting different parts of California and Nevada. I’ll refer to this series of travel posts this week as the “West Coast,” even though I didn’t visit all of the states in that certain geographical location. But I digress. Any case, let’s start the travels from the good ol’ US of A…West Coast-style! 🙂 It was the summer of 2010; I was a soon-to-be high school senior who had spent the time figuring out colleges to apply to, as well as beginning to draft my personal statements and taking (and retaking) the SATs for good scores to get me in to some of the best schools out there. In the meantime, it was summer, meaning that?there were plenty of opportunities…