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AA Skincare – Shampoo Bars Review

Originally posted on The Flower That Blooms:
A few months ago we set ourselves the challenge of finding some more cruelty free beauty brands online. We love looking around to find independent and small brands and as we’ve previously mentioned, Twitter is great for doing so. AA Skincare are a brand that we’ve been following for a while on Twitter but never got round to looking at properly. To cut a long story short, we eventually got into contact with AA and they kindly sent us two shampoo bars of our choice! We’ve always been fans of the ever so popular Lush shampoo bars and couldn’t wait to see how these ones compared. AA Skincare are a brand developed by Amphora Aromatics, a brand who have been one of the biggest suppliers of pure essential oils and aromatherapy products for over 30 years. Their products are created using all natural ingredients and essentials oils, including Aloe, Frankincense, Lavender and Neroli, making their products perfect for your skin. They cater for all different skin types, so whether…

OkCupid – The Deep End

Originally posted on Date By Number:
OkCupid analyzes its users’ data and publishes insights in The Deep End. Their recent article takes a look at the changes from 2005 to 2015, with some surprising results, staring with this question: It’s a dramatic drop, but my first reaction was that this could be a reflection of online dating becoming more common, rather than a major shift in sexual behavior. Maybe in 2005, online dating wasn’t as mainstream and OkCupid users tended to be more ‘adventurous’. Now that online dating is more common, the 2015 OkCupid users might include more conservative daters than it did before.  I thought my theory was pretty plausible, until I reached the following question: Any guesses as to why the two questions are trending in the opposite direction? You can find the whole article here. —- For more on OkCupid, see also: Hall of OkStupid #3 at The Lonely Tribalist

Amazon Killed the Bookstore, Long Live the Bookstore

Originally posted on The Scribble Bug:
Source: The New Republic, Dustin Kurtz Time Magazine might have thought it popped up by surprise, but in reality Amazon’s first physical bookstore has been a long time coming. Yes, you read that right. Amazon’s first physical bookstore. To be exact, they’ve opened a 5,500-square-foot bookstore, carrying a not-that-impressive 5,000 to 6,000 titles with 15 employees under the direction of Amazon Books Vice President Jennifer Cast. It’s also in Seattle (so most of us don’t have to worry too much just yet). However, if you’ve paid any attention to the larger book world of late, you’ll realise those usually soft susurrations of discontent are more like a cacophony of squawk boxes (and far more rancorous). Because bookstore owners loathe Amazon. Everyone knows that. They undercut the cost of books through ecommerce, drove more bricks-and-mortar shops out of business than can be counted, and upended the bookselling industry. That’s before they branched out into publishing, whereupon they pissed off the rest of the book industry as well. With this in…


Originally posted on be beautiful.:
It’s getting to be that time of year again – tights season. If you’re like me, tights are your go-to when the temperature dips down near the freezing mark. They can transform a summer dress into a fall outfit in the blink of an eye. But as we know all too well, just as you arrive to your favorite restaurant on date night, you glance down to find a run the length of the Great Wall of China down the back of your calf. If you don’t want this disaster to happen again, you better make room in the freezer. Yes, that’s right – freezing your tights can protect them from getting runs. It sounds crazy, but hear me out: The next time you buy a new pair (and before you wear them), run them under water until they’re slightly damp (don’t completely soak them). Then place them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight. Take them out and give them a day to defrost and thaw out. The best part? You…

Fall Fashion Outfit Idea: over the knee boots & leather jacket

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Here’s my Autumn outfit of the day. I was inspired by this lovely new sweater you can see underneath. Plus, you can never go wrong with a good black jacket. I think leather jackets especially, are one of those clothing items that will never go out of style. What I’m wearing: SCHUTZ over the knee boots MANGO bag ZARA  jacket GAS JEANS chunky sweater STUSSY dress FOSSIL eye glasses Unfortunately none of the items shown in the photos are available anymore. I usually buy my clothes on sale or in outlet stores (especially the more expensive items), but hopefully this outfit could serve as an inspiration for some of you. What are your favourite fashion items for Fall? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comment section bellow. 🙂

Confessions of a Lash-o-holic: Never Have I Ever…

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Alright guys, it’s confession time. When it comes to beauty, I feel well-versed in the subject matter. I love spending hours on here reading everyone’s content and getting information on products. I do it so often that I feel my brain comprehends a good amount of information on the beauty world, but there is one subject within the beauty community that I literally don’t know anything about: DEM BROWS DOE. I am so clueless when it comes to brows. And it’s crazy to say this but, never have I ever…gotten my brows done. This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill. This is a state of emergency. You know those red boxes that have fire extinguishers that say IN CASE OF EMERGENCY BREAK GLASS? Yeah, so since this is an emergency, and instead of fire extinguishers I need you guys to break that glass and pull out your brow pencils cause this girl needs help. Now this all started when I was around 12 and my friend…

My Top Essential Beauty Tools – Eyelash Curler, You Da Real MVP

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When you first look at someone’s face, what’s the first thing you notice? Some people say smile or maybe even nose; but for me, I say eyes. Whether your eyes are blue, brown, purple, almond shaped, circle shaped, whatever they may be; your eyes have one beautiful built-in accessory: lashes. I absolutely love to play up my eyes with my lashes. I feel like when my lashes are curled and mascara is on, I can take on the world. Facilitate a meeting? Done. Actually work out at the gym? Done. Finish that In-N-Out burger and still make room for those animal style fries without spilling on my shirt? DONE. In my head, people split like the Red Sea when I walk down the street cause when they see me they’re like, “watch out for Melissa, she’s got her power lashes on!” Painful. That’s the word I would use when I think about my first experience with my lash curler. I remember I pinched too tight and accidentally grabbed some eyelid…