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Dear Diary

Originally posted on delicious literature:
I loved this book. It’s not for everyone because of the subject matter, I will say. It is raw, shocking, unapologetic, and perfectly written. I was completely absorbed in this book and it was hard to leave it for anything. I’d find myself standing in the kitchen making dinner with one hand and this book in my other hand. This is written in the viewpoint of 15 year old Minnie Goetze in diary entries. Right from the beginning, it chronicles Minnie’s affair with her Mom’s boyfriend Monroe Rutherford. I was completely engrossed in this book, and while nothing in the story is anywhere close to my own teenage years, it doesn’t take away from the power of the story. Especially since it is the story for many teenage girls. The descriptions and pictures can be graphic and there’s plenty of drug use, but it was honest. The narrative is never anything but. Minnie doesn’t hide that she wants to be touched, hugged, and loved, even by her mom. You can’t…


Originally posted on sketchbookscribbler:
Fabulous holiday in Santorini where I did a few sketches. Now I’m back home I’ve been using photos. This is a pen and watercolour sketch. I drew this using a blue pencil and then used ink over the top. The bright yellow in the background is watercolour pencil.