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A Letter to My 20-Year-Old Self

Originally posted on Am I Thirty Yet:
So tomorrow is the big day! The day this entire blog was written about. I turn 30! Turning 30 has made me think a lot about what it was like when I was turning 20 and saying goodbye to my teens. I didn’t handle it very well. There were panic attacks and I actually wet the bed the night of my birthday. (This is a true story and maybe I’ll tell you lucky people about it in another post.) For now, let’s go back to poor, little 20-year-old Liz. She was not excited about leaving her teens behind her and entering her twenties. Current Liz still isn’t 100% sure on what she wants with her life and the direction it is going to take. But 20-year-old Liz might as well have been on another planet. She didn’t even know what hairstyle worked best for her face or how to put on eyeliner. She was a lost soul who needed a lot of guidance. Now being a wise, almost 30-year-old (that…

It’s Not Because I’m Young

I’m a bleeding heart liberal in the heart of Texas. Typically I try to avoid serious political discussions, but sometimes they find me. Last week, I got much more combative than I normally do. Despite what the other person thinks, politics are not something I’ll “understand when I’m older.” I banter about political stuff with the older teacher next door to me all the time. It’s lighthearted, fun, and we are still friends despite being on polar opposite ends of the spectrum. The other day, another teacher joined in our banter. Within minutes, she had begun insulting me.

I might never get married. Who knows?! – 20th April 1998

Originally posted on If Destroyed Still True:
Monday 20thP. [Period.] It’s scary how fast time seems to be going at the moment. It hardly seems any time at all since I first started school in Year 7 and now I’m in Year 10 and more than half way through. It seems ages away until my major GCSE exams but everything is going so quickly. Back at school today. Back to normal. Normal shouldn’t be being at school but term time is the way it is more than anything else and it’s the routine I’ve got used to. I’d rather we had more holidays, even with the boring bits. That’s one advantage about school – I never seem to get bored. I mean, I don’t like some of the lessons much but I’m always doing something. Then at lunch and break I can catch up on all the gossip or watch Ralph and co playing sad little ball games on the tennis courts. I suppose if we didn’t have school then I would never have known…

Who You Were Before You Lost Your Innocence

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Losing your innocence is just a side effect of growing up. There’s no one certain thing that causes it. It doesn’t automatically go away when you turn 13 or when you lose your virginity or when you get dumped for the first time. It all varies from person to person, from age to age, from experience to experience. And it fades out slowly. When I was around 11 years old I asked my mom why everyone had cancer all of a sudden. She told me cancer has always been around, I was just realizing it now. That’s a very specific moment when I can remember something changing inside of my brain. Looking back now, can you really pinpoint the moment you stopped being naive and started getting real? Probably not. You have to reach the point in your life when you look back and realize you’ve changed. Because change isn’t something you see until you’re so different you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Your old memories barely belong to you. I’m…

The Quill Within Me & The Cookie in My Mouth

Originally posted on Enigma:
This was me a year ago: Once more I find the quill within me and my smile, the ink, writing is freedom, I must say writing is living and laughing, most of all writing is loving, loving not only the world but everything, everyone in it. Writing is my passion… I swear I haven’t changed that much, I still believe that Ohmygod today was so weird!!! I was nervous all day, but hid it, and I randomly decided to give my english teacher the ‘novel’ I’ve been working on since the ideas in it would be good for my coursework, and he asked for it, so I just gave him the whole draft THE WHOLE DRAFT aaaaaaaargh, what if he thinks it’s absolute shite?! NERVOUS Anyways, Happy news! My period came! Now I know, this is kinda weird, but hell, all us ladies get them, get over it, anyways I’m like 2 months overdue and I was getting really worried, but yay! it came! prepare for the mood swings folks! and…


Originally Posted on Young&Twenty:  Sometimes we’re scared of hugging; in fear of them holding too tight. Sometimes we’re scared to pick someone up; in fear of them pulling us down. Sometimes we’re scared to save someone’s life; in fear we’ll forfeit our own, and sometimes we’re scared to share the lessons we learned; in fear of retracting our path. That’s why, too often, the people who have seen the dark, choose to leave their problems there. But here’s to the ones who brush off mud like it’s sand. The ones who refuse to leave their story of survival in the dark. The ones who refuse to let their tragedy, stop them from telling their tale. Read more…