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On blogging: The Big Secret

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
Expectation. It builds you up, but also has the habit of tearing you apart. When it comes to blogging, it’s important to set realistic expectations. What are those, you ask? The realistic expectation is that no one is going to read your blog. Too harsh? Well, it’s also realistic to understand that the hardest battle you will fight is getting from 0 to 100 followers. The first hundred posts, the first hundred comments… That’s it. If you can muster the self-discipline and the patience to actually write those first hundred posts, you will have found an audience. It takes time, of course. That’s the big secret. Time. The more you invest in your blog, whether is actually writing your posts, or tweaking the way your blog looks like, taking the time to respond to comments or just engaging others in the community, all of these will factor in and determine the level of success your blog enjoys. Make no mistake. Time is the most valuable currency. And maybe it’s best…

Blogging 101: Blog Posts

After months of fishing through numerous blog pages to find millennial bloggers and posts to reblog, there are a few things we, the G.U.M team, have noticed. It’s time for us to share some tips based on our findings. We’ve decided to do our own series of Blogging University to share with all of you. To kick off we’re diving right in with blog posts. One of the, if not THE, most important part of blogging. A good blog contains posts that meet three major elements:

Awesome mock up tools for designers, bloggers, and artists to showcase their work

Originally posted on Vasare Nar Art Fashion & Design blog:
Hello everyone! So today I want to share with you with my new obsession. Mock up scene/desktop creation kits that I found on google. With these It has never been easier to create your own desktop environment scene. It just takes seconds! All you need is to buy one of these amazing mock up tools and Photoshop and you can get started. It reminds me on The Sims game, when I was young I use to build rooms,and create different scenes. And now with these it would be so fun and easy to create a personal workspace/scene to showcase new work, when there is no time to take photographs and you want to present it nicely. So here are my favourite picks. Starting from just $14. The Girly-Girl Mock Up Creator $35 This Ultra Feminine Mock Up Creator is perfect for showcasing prints, cards, artwork & more. Whether you want to go vintage, rustic, or totally chic, this is the mock up for your girly needs! Fancy Items Scene Generator…