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Harry Potter and Adulthood

Originally posted on Metal and the Geek:
On October 6th the illustrated version of the first Harry Potter book HP and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone in the USA) will be released and I am extremely excited for it. I have seen the samples and my little geeky heart skipped a beat. As I am nearing the age of 30, I think plenty of people don’t quite understand why I am still so obsessed with a story that was written for children, and while I don’t owe any kind of asshole any sort of explanation, the explanation is quite easy. I WAS a child when the first book was released. From there I grew up with Harry and his friends. As they entered awkward teen years, I was in the midst of my awkward teen years, as they got slammed into adulthood, I did as well. I literally grew up with these books. But honestly, even if you are only now as an adult getting into Harry Potter, GOOD FOR YOU!! It is not…